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  • we now welcome in the ultimate NBA inside Adrian Wojnarowski Woes.

  • Welcome to the show.

  • Obviously, the Rockets made the biggest trade of the season, dealing James Harden of Brooklyn.

  • How active will the Rockets be the next three weeks leading up to the March 25th deadline?

  • Stephen A.

  • They've been very active.

  • They're going to continue to be active up until March 25th P.

  • J.

  • Tucker, who's in the last year of his deal?

  • You know, they've been very engaged in talks about moving him, UH, contenders like Milwaukee, Brooklyn, the Lakers, Miami have all shown interest in him and and Victor Oladipo, who turned down a two year, $45 million extension he's in the last year of his deal.

  • Think there'll be a lot of teams calling gauging, uh, the willingness of Houston to move on from him.

  • What kind of package could they potentially get for him?

  • Do they want to move forward with him?

  • I think how all the depots health is how he plays between now and March 25th.

  • I think that's gonna play a role in and how Houston looks at this one other player that is signed for a couple more years.

  • Eric Gordon.

  • There's a great deal of interest in Gordon.

  • 12 Straight losses in Houston.

  • Stephen A.

  • Are they going to, uh, move off of this team and be willing to just dive into the lottery, or do they want to keep some of these assets around?

  • Move off.

  • What the hell is due to hold onto?

  • We'll discuss that another day.

  • We'll we'll discuss that another day.

  • Let's move on to the Nets because Joe Harris was on your podcast.

  • The world's pod this week.

  • What did he say about the impact James Howard and has had on the team since joining Brooklyn?

  • Uh, immense.

  • Stephen A.

  • And, you know, Joe Harris calls him the greatest passer.

  • By far he's played with He played with LeBron James in Cleveland to, but I think the impact hardened his hat on the court, where he's led the league in assists.

  • You've seen him elevate the role players.

  • Joe Harris, uh, Bruce Brown.

  • Those guys have played much better with the ball, uh, in James Harden's hands, Landry, Samet and I think the the impact he's had in that locker room, getting Kyrie Irving off the ball.

  • Stephen A and putting that ball into James Harden's hands.

  • It's transformed this team.

  • I think people thought that that trade was a luxury for Brooklyn to get James Harden.

  • I think they feel it was necessity.

  • I gotta tell you something.

  • I'm amazed at what I've seen from James Harden to be a three time league scoring champion away that he's produced.

  • And then to go here and to be so selfless assistance leading the league and assisted something special.

  • The ultimate NBA insider, Adrian Wojnarowski.

  • Thanks a lot for being on the show, but he talk to you later.

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we now welcome in the ultimate NBA inside Adrian Wojnarowski Woes.

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Woj: The Rockets plan to be active ahead of NBA trade deadline | SportsCenter with Stephen A. Smith

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