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  • Mm Wow.

  • Yeah, Mickey Mouse.

  • Disney's O G.

  • O.

  • C.

  • You know him as acute corporate mascot that hangs out with other cute animals and lives a pretty normal domestic life.

  • But did you know he's also an insanely powerful warrior made that fights darkness to save the Disney universe alongside a young boy and his good old ducking dog buddies?

  • No, no, no dog.

  • The other one.

  • Ah, yes.

  • Welcome to the world of Kingdom Hearts, a collection of worlds where kingdom hearts is the heart of the world's and the source of ultimate wisdom and power across all kingdoms and world's, you know, my favorite thing about kingdom hearts, zest, straightforward it is.

  • My favorite part is how it's ruled by that 92 year old mouse wizard.

  • Yep.

  • Here he isn't just Miggy.

  • He's King Mickey, the ruler of Disney Castle and the leader of the Guardians of Light, a group of key blade wielders who combat darkness.

  • King Mickey and the other guardians, like Sora.

  • Remember him protect the world's using magic and powerful weapons known as key blades.

  • Those things are the real deal.

  • They can perform a whole bunch of spells, deflect lasers and even unblock almost anything yet it could use their keys.

  • Mickey swung a lot of keys around, but his current interest is his star cluster.

  • The king underwent rigorous training as an apprentice to the great sorcerer Jens it.

  • After some incidents involving a few too many brooms.

  • He eventually became a sorcerer and key blade master himself.

  • He blades are basically like wounds that can channel the user's magic for spills like Pearl Mind Shield and faithfully, which are all based on light energy magic.

  • He can also heal himself and others with your aga and healing light.

  • And that's honestly still just the tip of the iceberg with the steps a spell he can freeze time for the length of an entire battle.

  • Damn!

  • Then there's Mickey's most powerful and most legendary spell, Ultima, which is basically a massive, devastating release of all of Mickey's light magic at once and say his most powerful spell is whichever one he's using to literally change U.

  • S law to extend Disney's ownership of the Mickey Copyright until 2024 2024 is not too long from now.

  • Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

  • You bet I am.

  • I'd like to efficiently announced that in the year 2020 more Mickey will be the new co host of Death Metal.

  • Sorry, Wednesday's rooms only big enough for two people in the mouse has a much bigger social media presence than you.

  • So not what I meant.

  • Whatever nut may keep, we hope you guys come back next week for the season premiere of Yoda vs King McGee.

  • 10 years of the show and I'm just a placeholder.

  • You say something?

Mm Wow.

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King Mickey Fights for the Light in DEATH BATTLE!

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