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  • I've never been detained in my life.

  • It was very confusing for me because I thought I did nothing wrong.

  • Mhm, Yeah.

  • Mm mm.

  • Her crew were filming it as part of a promotional video, and it took place here.

  • This place is called Nabi Musa.

  • It's a tourist spot.

  • It's a guesthouse, and it's also a holy site.

  • There's a mosque inside where many Muslims believe the Prophet Moses is buried.

  • We were 30 people filming a stream showcasing techno producers and DJs from all over Palestine and the Arab world and showcasing touristic attractions.

  • Some guys came from the area.

  • They had six and firecrackers and they started yelling, telling us to get out to get out.

  • Yeah, yeah, we apologize to them for the disturbance.

  • We packed up and we left thinking that everything was done and that was it.

  • Tomorrow's I'm hoping that the investigation and all this process will lead to, uh, fair conclusion.

  • Technology is not a devil worshipping thing.

  • It's a universal music that has heard all over the world.

I've never been detained in my life.

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