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  • Everybody loves a strong female lead.

  • The woman who punches her way out of problems.

  • The woman who blows stuff up.

  • Boo!

  • The woman who gets revenge.

  • Eat a dick.

  • OK.

  • But I like them well done.

  • The woman who makes people pay when

  • something bad happens to her boyfriend,

  • her girlfriend, her kids?

  • No, maybe her dog?

  • What, you never seen an old cat lady before?

  • Or imaginary cat lady friend.

  • And let's not forget the leather jacket.

  • And the heavy drinking.

  • And the sarcasm.

  • Oh!

  • That was fun.

  • And the body that will not quit.

  • 22 years later and I'm still a knockout.

  • But maybe there's more to what makes a strong female lead.

  • Are you leading or am I?

  • I have no idea.

  • Maybe she also has flaws, ambitions, brains.

  • Touche.

  • Do you mean touché? What?

  • Is it not touche? No.

  • That's great, how smart you are.

  • She could have a weird sense of humor.

  • She can be strong and still struggle with her job.

  • Poof.

  • That's how I feel.

  • Be married.

  • Be clueless.

  • Just be yourself.


  • Be a complete stranger to physical fitness.

  • Be a monster even.


  • Have passions, and fears, and hopes, and dreams.

  • We are here to move history forward.

  • Mediocrity is not an option for me.

  • A person, who may or may not save the world,

  • or save the day.

  • I'm doing it my way.

  • Or the last slice of cake.

  • Oh, do you know how many problems

  • we have solved over a cheesecake?

  • No, Dorothy, exactly how many--

  • 147, Rose.

  • So hooray to all the directors, writers,

  • producers, and everyone else, who chooses

  • to show women as we are.

  • As people.

  • With different kinds of strengths.


  • We're just getting started.

Everybody loves a strong female lead.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/01
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