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  • Valentine's Day is coming up.

  • But is the romance even still alive?

  • You bet your sweet box of chocolates.

  • It is so kickback.

  • Strip off your PPE and enjoy a late shows quarry man Tick Valentine's Day tips.

  • Just because you and your sweetheart can't be together doesn't mean your drones can't be together.

  • Just remember to keep those frisky flying bots away from power lines, trees and old women's hairdos alone.

  • This year, you can still enjoy a nice candle lit dinner.

  • It's romantic and doesn't taste that bad once you get past the wax.

  • Plus, if you end up at the hospital, you might meet a nice doctor.

  • Feeling lonely slaps, um, googly eyes on a plant and instant company.

  • But take things slow.

  • He's still getting over his divorce.

  • If you're quarantining with your special, someone spice things up by changing out of your everyday sweatpants and into your erotic crotchless sweatpants.

  • Feeling nostalgic for those candy hearts?

  • Treat yourself.

  • You deserve it.

  • Maybe even share them with your plant.

  • You to really seemed to hit it off a dinner.

  • Make the night special by sprucing up your own bed with a shower of rose petals.

  • Then do laundry.

  • Seriously, Wash your sheets.

  • It's been months.

  • And who knows?

  • This could be one of the happiest days of your life because maybe you'll finally popped the question.

  • Yes, yes, 1000 times, Yes, above all.

  • Remember, on this Valentine's Day, there are many ways to be a hero.

  • Staying home alone to watch porn can save lives.

  • This one's for you first responders.

  • Happy Valentine's Day, I mean.

Valentine's Day is coming up.

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