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  • but the real pressure is on the first team to take one of those two players.

  • Let's say it's the Miami Dolphins that pick three if they take Devante Smith and he ends up with, you know, a really good career.

  • But Jamaar Chase has an outstanding career.

  • Then the Dolphins are going to have some sort of referendum against them.

  • Whereas you know the evaluation, you are accurate, like we're both gonna be really good players.

  • The real pressure is on whoever takes one of those two players first.

  • But the dividends are substantial because of how talented, talented those guys are.

  • And speaking of talented players, Mel Todd has Kyle Pits, the Florida tight end coming in at number six, and the great Peter King in his most recent football morning in America column, which we encourage everybody to read.

  • Weekly was very gracious to follow, uh, to pass along.

  • Some of the Nuggets from last week's podcast we discuss this mount is that it may not be the single highest tight end prospect, but off memory.

  • Kyle Pits is the highest graded tight end prospect you had in terms of where he stacks up in his class is a potential top five player.

  • How much different is he then?

  • Vernon Davis or TJ Hockenson or some of the other really highly drafted tight ends we've seen over the past 15 or so years?

  • We went to all the names of them all here.

  • A lot of tight ends had high grades, but this is the highest ever for me.

  • Uh, you know, in terms of the tight end, he's going to be way up there.

  • Kyle Pits is, uh, in the mock.

  • I'm having them going really high, and I think he's a difference maker.

  • He's a nightmare, and you can move him around.

  • He can block adequately enough to be an in line guy.

  • If you want to move him in line as tight as a traditional tight end, you can flex them out.

  • Why do everything you want with him?

  • He's phenomenal.

  • He's gonna go very high, and he's going to be an elite tight end.

  • Hopefully, in the NFL, moving forward is gonna be expected to be just to go back real quick field to finish up.

  • What you just said about my Miami is interesting at three because Devante Smith was put to a.

  • So if you're moving forward to, uh, you might like chase a little better if they're equal, does it push you?

  • Because Davante worked with two, uh, and was there at Alabama with them?

  • That complicates that a little bit when you start projecting Miami just to finish that whole conversation about Miami in terms of where they were going bigger doesn't always.

  • Even though chases a bigger party doesn't bigger doesn't always make it better.

  • We go back to a lot of receivers that came out.

  • They were quite as big as a guy went ahead of them.

  • Turned out to be a little bit better.

  • So if they're great, they're great.

  • A.

  • J.

  • Green, Julio Jones and, to your point about taking the one that's left alleviates all the pressure on you.

  • If you take the receivers left, you're in great shape.

  • Philadelphia takes Chaser Smith.

  • We took.

  • The one was left.

  • I talked about that last week with the quarterbacks you take.

  • Ben Roethlisberger, Rivers and Manning went first.

  • Great.

  • You take Josh Allen after Sam Darnel went and Baker Mayfield went great.

  • So for me, there's nothing wrong with that.

  • At various.

  • Let somebody else make that tough call.

  • We're happy.

  • Remember last year?

  • Tom to Lesko said.

  • Hey, I'm the Chargers at six.

  • I'm happy getting any one of the three end up with Justin Herbert.

  • Pretty good, right?

  • So sometimes it's better let them make the calls.

  • If we're if we're happy with the way the players are graded with getting the guy that falls to us and we're not stretching it for a guy that we're picking six, we're getting a 12 best player.

  • As long as we're getting a guy inside that six and the Great Alliance where we're picking, I'm happy letting somebody else make those tough calls.

  • And there are a lot of positional very difficult cause because of the opt outs this year with some of the elite players in this draft.

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but the real pressure is on the first team to take one of those two players.

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Kyle Pitts is the highest-graded tight end I’ve ever scouted - Mel Kiper | First Draft

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