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  • quarterbacks off the board in the top nine picks.

  • Trevor Lawrence, of course, at number one.

  • Mac Jones to the Panthers at number eight.

  • And I will point out that all of the nine top players on this mock draft all play offense, which is another sign of the times for the National Football League, circa 2021.

  • And there he is, Mel Kiper Jr.

  • Let's start at number two.

  • That really is where the Jets excuse me where the draft begins and the Jets have a decision to make.

  • They could take the quarterback or they could stick with Sam.

  • Donald.

  • Why do you believe they stay with Sam?

  • I think Sam, outside of Trevor Lawrence screening, would be the quarterback to move forward with.

  • And they may disagree.

  • But Zach Wilson, to me, would be a sideways move at best.

  • If you take him at two and then you trade Sam Donaldson, I think surround Sam.

  • Donald would better talent, you say, Well, he's beaten up physically and mentally, while out of quarterbacks that have been in the league or in or out of the league.

  • Now in our Hall of Famers, that's what you need to do you need to play through that, Not sit and watch and Sam played through it.

  • It's a new situation there with the Jets new organization.

  • Everything is new and maybe something he needs.

  • People say, Change the scenery.

  • Why not change it with the Jets and go get a Kyle Pitts?

  • Who can be that difference maker, something they didn't have last year for Sam got nothing from the tight end position.

  • He can be more than an in line tight end.

  • He can be a slot wide receiver.

  • You can move him around and give them a dynamic in that offense that Sam Donald has never had.

  • It's a fascinating question, and it would be for any team in that situation.

  • But so you have Wilson there.

  • It clearly cut at the number two position, and then we look at the other quarterbacks in this, the other.

  • I mean, you have five of them going in the first nine picks, so it's great respect for all of them.

  • But I'm always fascinated by the order in which you place them, and it certainly feels like from the beginning of the process to this point, the one who's moving up is Mac Jones, and that may not stop anywhere.

  • Give me a sense of what you're seeing from the league's perspective on him.

  • Well, Senior Bowl week helped him green.

  • No doubt about that.

  • How about 77 plus percent completion percentage this year?

  • He was flawless, and he didn't have Jalen Waddle after October 24th and all you had DeVante Smith.

  • So for Mac Jones didn't have Judy and rugs, they had moved on to a head.

  • All those guys Matt Jones did not.

  • He was nearly 80% completion percentage at all levels.

  • Short, medium range and deep.

  • So for me, I think the Senior Bowl Week with Matt Rule now the Shawn Watson Green, you know, is the trade gonna happen.

  • Who's going to get to Shawn?

  • Watson will be dealt.

  • That could alter things, obviously, in the top 10.

  • But if things stay the way they are, Carolina, how if your mat ruling you like Mac Jones coming in?

  • How can you not love him coming out of Senior Bowl Week?

  • So I think that that particular pick will be very difficult for Carolina, who says I am a quarterback in that division.

  • They will be the team ahead of the curve with the youngest quarterback moving forward.

  • Why not at number eight?

  • Take Matt Jones, right?

  • And the specter of Shawn Watson hovers over all of this and and many of these teams.

  • And obviously that's something We'll have to see how it plays out.

  • But the question on Mac Jones will be.

  • Does he play the brand of football that the NFL is today?

  • All the other quarterbacks in this draft have a level of mobility that he does not at this stage, Mel.

  • How important is that for evaluators?

  • And, more importantly, for teams?

  • Well, you would prefer to have a Joe Burrow type who can beat you with his legs and those Joe Burrow Matt Jones comparisons.

  • I've said for months now Greenie are not accurate.

  • Joe Burrow beat Alabama with his legs, and the NFL this year before the injury, was that mobile quarterback who can run and pick up first downs with his legs and his mobility and athleticism.

  • Mac Jones isn't going to do that.

  • I said, Hey, Tom Brady couldn't do it.

  • Tom Brady came out of Michigan, right?

  • That's why it was 1/6 round pick Matt Jones.

  • They say, Well, they're dinosaurs.

  • Well, Tom Brady, at 43 won a Super Bowl.

  • Drew Brees was still playing at a pretty high level, despite injuries and age.

  • Now he's retired about what he was able to lead his team to the playoffs.

  • So if they're dinosaurs, Tom Brady's proven that you can still be effective in this league as a pure pocket passer.

  • If you're accurate and you're smart and you're competitive and that's what Matt Jones is.

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quarterbacks off the board in the top nine picks.

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