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  • Iris.

  • Nate Silver is female Brazilian indigenous, and she's found an unlikely ally.

  • Brazil's nationalist president, Jair Bolsonaro, 32 year old, is the leader of the MCU She tribe, one of the two main indigenous groups in the Amazonian state of Harima.

  • For decades, her family picked and panned their land, scouring the hills for diamonds and gold.

  • They kept digging even after the government marked the land as indigenous territory in 2000 and five, a measure that prohibited mining despite protests from her tribe.

  • Now Silver has the ear of none other than Boston Arrow.

  • The right wing leader is aboard by the global green movement for his eagerness to develop the Amazon rainforest.

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  • Silva has twice met with Bolsonaro in the capital, Brasilia.

  • The first time was soon after he took power in January 2019 to discuss a bill that would authorize mining on native lands.

  • It's not clear if the bill will make it through Brazil's unwieldy Congress, nor how lucrative mining would be on these lands.

  • But Bolsonaro has made the bill a 2021 priority.

  • And by teaming up with some indigenous people like silver, activists say Bolsonaro is exacerbating tensions within tribes through divide and conquer methods that historically helped destroy native lands worldwide.

  • Many indigenous associations also see silver as a traitor, manipulated by rapacious intruders eager to grab lands and resources.

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  • One was seen, and she does have some support from within the indigenous community.

  • Workers at this mine near Napoli Oh sweat from dawn till dusk with pick axes to get 4% of the mining profits.

  • Diggers take 74% and those with machines to extract gold take the final 22%.

  • But it's enough.

  • According to the town's indigenous leader, Carpegiani Lima, Uh, I part is going to know Supreme Committee, comprised of many of these involvement, keep trusting King King.


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Meet Bolsonaro's unlikely indigenous ally

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/27
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