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  • So I got my guys here fizz.

  • We got you back.

  • Thank you for joining us, Robert.

  • What can you tell us?

  • Is the single biggest reason for you that the jazz air dominating the league right now.

  • I think if you look at the way they play defense, Lee is the key.

  • They have a great shot block.

  • A lot of teams have good shot blockers.

  • They have a great shot blocker.

  • When you have that type of guy behind you, you can get upon guys, run them off the three point line and from them to go back and think about it.

  • You got go, Bear.

  • You just mentioned how long is he's gonna block everything that comes in there and that scares people.

  • So now they're taking bad shots.

  • They're fortunate threes.

  • They're doing things out of the nature.

  • They didn't wanna do so.

  • It's all about pressing up.

  • It reminds all the great teams I played on.

  • You got Tim Duncan behind you got shock.

  • You got dream when you have great shot blockers.

  • Big man who can clock the paint.

  • You got that freedom to play on their free on the three point line run them off said, Go ahead, go in and get your shot block, and then we're gonna start a break.

  • I love that, Coach is if you were preparing a team to face Utah, what would you most worry about them right now?

  • Offensively and defensively?

  • Well, the thing you know, I think that really makes them unique to take Roberts.

  • Uh, you know, statement a step further is defensively.

  • And offensively, they got an incredible amount of trust.

  • And what I mean by that is yes.

  • You got a great shot blocker back there.

  • You got a guy that can run people off and block shots and let you play the three point line.

  • But you gotta have trust.

  • If you're Rudy Gobert at your backside is gonna protect you when you go chasing shots.

  • And they have that trust on both offense and defense.

  • Offensively, they are built where it doesn't matter who has the ball.

  • Someone is gonna have the capabilities to make a play.

  • It's not built around a star.

  • And so every night you see there, there, stat line, different guys, they're taking advantage of the situation is every night, you know, Donovan, missiles demand you know you could play, but ultimately everyone gets to contribute in the system.

  • And it's beautiful toe watch because it's all based on team.

  • Yes, you know, Snyder has made a good coaching adjustments.

  • He's going to Clarkson, say your clocks and you got talent.

  • Go out and do your thing.

  • We're gonna get you your shots.

  • And I think that's the biggest.

  • Clarkson is getting his shots, but if you watch him in the game last night, he had a shot.

  • He passed it up and gave it to another guy with a better shot.

  • The old Clarkson would have forced that up, and that's contagious.

  • The whole team of giving up shots easy for guys to get easy shots.

  • And when you're playing basketball like that, it's flat out beautiful.

  • Yeah, they're getting the most out of everyone.

  • That's a tribute to the coaching staff, but also, of course, to the players themselves.

  • You mentioned Jordan Clarkson's growth and maturity.

  • I mentioned Derrick Favors a few minutes ago.

  • Here's a guy who had a bigger role when he was with the Jazz last time, came back and is now accepting a different role and you guys always talk about being a star in your role.

  • Every single guy on that team is contributing something important and feels like they're contributing something important.

  • And that does matter as you get toward the playoffs.

  • So again, I agree with everyone who said last night didn't tell us much.

  • That's because we already knew the Utah Jazz were really, really, really, really good.

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So I got my guys here fizz.

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