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  • Hi.

  • My name is Joe Saylor.

  • Hi.

  • I mean, hi, I'm Louis.

  • Kato.

  • Hello.

  • Hey, I'm John Lampley.

  • Hi, I'm Louis Foucher.

  • And this is the stay Human.

  • Human, Human, Human, Human Stay.

  • Human Mix.

  • My favorite song to play is Kindergarten by Jon Batiste.

  • And it's my favorite because it starts out with a playful little groovy thing that kind of boils and boils into a climax.

  • And then it breaks out into super hard swing that could go on for a really long time.

  • You know, it's kind of a geeky one, but I would I would probably say, when I pick up the guitar on one of the first things I go to is Edelweiss, which I Onley No, from the sound of music that I totally grew up on.

  • Uh, there's not really much to it.

  • It's very soothing, you know, in a major key.

  • It Z Why is it why is it every morning you beat me?

  • It's very soothing.

  • September by earth, wind and fire.

  • It's like the trumpet stuff in There is super killing That did it a little bit a little all of that super fun to play and then a lot of times.

  • You know, I get to sing those background vocals or whatever.

  • It's like You can't you can't play that song and not smile or have some fun.

  • So a song that reminds me of my childhood It's called Marine Air.

  • So it's Ah, sank by one of my favorite singers coming Teenage Jesus is a song that we used to sing when we used to play cup Where?

  • So it's a common response.

  • It goes a little bit like this.

  • Uh, wow.

  • Uh, definitely.

  • Stevie Wonder is my favorite artist of all time.

  • I love the song eyes that she lovely because it's just so beautiful.

  • Just the orchestration of it.

  • Isn't she lovely?

  • How could you not dance to that?

  • The one song I love to dance to really anything by Parliament Funkadelic, but especially flashlight.

  • My Parliament Funkadelic.

  • That joint comes on, you know, you gotta whip out the footwork on the oh, hands down maze featuring Frankie Beverly before I let go.

  • So the intro goes about, Uh whoa.

  • It just reminds me of Detroit Back home at the cookouts everyone was singing.

  • Everyone was dancing aunties, uncles, Children.

  • It's just a song that brings everyone together.

  • And it's a song that brings back so many great memories.

  • Favorite song and dance to You know What Jungle Boogie, Good Old Kool and the Gang John got Bug E O.

  • Maybe the baddest baseline of all time.

  • People don't talk about Jungle Boogie when they talk about baselines.

  • But the whole the baseline is the whole song like That's What Everybody knows is just like E O.

  • Does not feel good.

  • Tell me I don't feel good.

  • E Feel Good a song with the color and the title Blue and Green by Bill Evans and Miles Davis.

  • As a lot of you know, there's so influential and jazz, and that song just tugs at your heartstrings.

  • The White Miles Davis plays the trumpet and Bill Evans is accompanying everything with all the colors.

  • Oh, a song with a color in the title Purple Rain by Prince.

  • It's a beautiful song I love seeing, you know when a When the song plays and I tried to think along, I think I'm I'm prints, but I'm not.

  • I'm gonna have to go with the Queen um, Erykah Badu songs Orange Moon.

  • Just that you know that hook at the end.

  • How good it is just over and over again.

  • It's like it's like a lullaby, you know?

  • Hey, this is India.

  • This is Louis Kato E.

  • I am Joe Saylor.

  • I'm John Lampley.

  • I'm Lewis.

  • Who?

  • Shea.

  • And this has been to stay human.

  • Human, human, human, human.

  • Stay Human.

  • Six e.


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