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  • goal five of the sustainable development goals.

  • Gender equality While being a feminist in the 21st century is frightening, the feminist movement was started in order to help empower women and give them equal rights.

  • However, many people think of feminists as radicals that want men eliminated.

  • People who think like this are quick to judge feminists and dismiss their arguments is nonsense.

  • In reality, feminists, voicing their displeasure about important issues like the wage gap, can be met with harsh reactions.

  • In some cases, women can be verbally threatened and even assaulted for their beliefs.

  • Feminists can also be subjected to online bullying, stalking and other forms of harassment to protect feminism and womens rights.

  • Changes have to be made.

  • Making sure that feminists have a safe space to voice their opinions is important.

  • It's up to us to stand for equality and not side with the aggress is educating ourselves on what feminists really fight for is a good way to begin to understand their views.

  • If you happen to witness a situation where feminists may be getting harassed or targeted, check to see if they need help.

  • You never know when an intervention can help save a life, whether in person or online, speaking up for others is important.

  • Being a feminist can be scary.

  • People shouldn't be afraid to speak their mind and changing the way we think can help to keep everyone safe.

goal five of the sustainable development goals.

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Why Being A Feminist Can Be Frightening

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/26
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