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  • Hey, I'm Paul Booth, tattoo artists today.

  • I'm going to share some of my horror stories with you.

  • When I first started tattooing, I had a guy.

  • He was drunk, but I didn't know he was drunk.

  • He passed out.

  • So I went and got my mentor and I said, This guy is unconscious.

  • What do I do?

  • And he said, Well, you might as well keep tattoo on him.

  • And when he wakes up, it'll be done.

  • Seemed weird, but I guess it made sense.

  • So I went on to tattoo him while he was unconscious.

  • And next thing I know after, like, five minutes picks up his head and projectile vomits straight into my lap and across my work station and then passed out again.

  • I was covered in vomit.

  • I had to hose everything down in my room and, uh, no, don't tattoo drunk, because that's what happens.

  • Hi, I'm fan.

  • I'm from Bristol Tattoo.

  • It's vegan shop in Brooklyn.

  • It was summertime, and the guy came into the shop and he wants to get a small number on his red here.

  • Asked him to put on like this placement the second he open his arm like that I'm like, Do you should have take a shower before coming to get a tattoo.

  • I'm almost passed out.

  • It's the worst experience, Like a like a chemical destroy weapon.

  • And the second one is also the smell.

  • There's a girl, she's cute and she wants to get a costume piece on the back of her Carve.

  • And I asked her to take off her shoes because I have to check the placement.

  • And the second she took off her shoes.

  • It's also a summertime.

  • I was like, Okay, uh, it's like smells like a dad Fish.

  • It's so terrible and lucky She just lay down on her stomach and she cannot tell my face, but I have to beer the smell for, like, maybe two hours around.

  • And the first hour, I was like, I'm dying.

  • But the last hour I was just like, Oh, I'm getting into the smell.

  • I'm like I can I cannot smell anything else.

  • Just her feet.

  • The smell will never makes you forget.

  • I hope only need have this worst experience.

  • It won't happen to any artists.

  • I hope you will get lucky.

  • Yeah, just I recommend every single person getting take shower before you get in.

  • Tattoo.

  • I appreciate that.

  • Take a shower.

  • Mhm.

  • Yeah.

  • Mm.

  • Yeah.

Hey, I'm Paul Booth, tattoo artists today.

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Tattoo Artists Share Horror Stories

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