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  • Dan Graziano is reporting that two Shawn Watson met with the new head coach of the Texans, David Cully, late last week.

  • And in that meeting, Watson reiterated his desire to be traded and told Cully he has no plans to ever play for the Texans again.

  • And then, as this news is breaking yesterday to Shawn, Watson went on Twitter and posted loyalty is everything.

  • Don't you ever forget it, which is interesting and tells us absolutely nothing.

  • So Jeremy Fowler.

  • What What is the latest now, as Faras Watson is concerned, well, greeny, Watson is so Duggan.

  • I'm told that he is willing toe wait this out.

  • I'm told there's a very real possibility that he could not show up for the preseason, not show up for the start of the regular season.

  • If he's not traded, he could incur three plus million dollars of fines during that process.

  • But he doesn't care.

  • I'm told the relationship is simply too far gone right now.

  • There are no other meetings scheduled with the Texans.

  • Sean feels like he said what he needs.

  • Thio.

  • And so he's monitoring a list of teams that he thinks could be a good fit for him.

  • I think at this point it's anything but Houston plan.

  • He would take a lot of different teams to get out of there.

  • Which makes the Jets Miami Dolphins, others in play because of the draft capital.

  • But watch out for the Denver Broncos.

  • Their intriguing to him.

  • Even the Carolina Panthers, I'm told, is a team to watch out for because he knows they'll be aggressive there, close to his home town of Gainesville, Georgia.

  • Have some intriguing pieces on offense, All right, so there's a lot of different possibilities as we sit there.

  • Bart, what are you hearing?

  • You talk to people all over the place.

  • What are you hearing?

  • As far as the way this the Shawn Watson thing is going to play out, I hear both sides are dug in green, and I really expect this to be a Carson Palmer type of situation.

  • When you think Carson Palmer wanted out and the Bangles Duggan until Hugh acts for him in Oakland the next year, I think that's going to be a staring contest.

  • I think both sides gonna be stubborn, but I don't think that the shine watching should try and and sit out and not and not come in.

  • I think you show up and you becoming Mel content.

  • You go there and you show up to practice.

  • And then when they say or see that they're not getting any money back because he's physically there, You could be there without being there Greeny.

  • I mean, he's gonna have to go full Tropic Thunder.

  • He's gonna have to go there.

  • He's gonna have toe play the game.

  • You know, that's the only way you get out.

  • You know, you look at James Harden.

  • He showed up.

  • You showed up in the Fat man soup and he got his wish is Shawn Watts is gonna have to show up, not know the place.

  • You know, somebody's gonna be running slant route.

  • He's gonna have throw the ball out of bounds and make it where you can't even practice.

  • We saw this happen with Brandon Marshall when he was taking passage from J.

  • Color, and he was batting the ball down every time the ball came there.

  • You have to become that type of malcontent.

  • You have to become that type of distraction.

  • But I say you know what?

  • We just gotta move forward because this is gonna be beneficial, Because if you if you if you don't show up, you give the money back.

  • That's the last thing that you want to do, especially with the new rules underneath the C B A.

  • What a complete mess.

  • Nickel.

  • What do you think?

  • How should this thing go from here?

  • If if you're advising any of the parties involved, how should this thing play out from here?

  • The Texas need to trade them, and they need to get his many first round picks as they possibly can.

  • And look, at the end of the day, you can't be the two Alfa dogs looking at each other like Okay, who's gonna, Who's gonna be the first one to back down?

  • You can't do that in this particular situation.

  • When you do that, it just makes the whole atmosphere that much more stressful in the players that are involved in this and the other guys on that team, they can feel that as well.

  • You feel that that weirdness going on in the in the building, So I think if you're the Texans, you wanna you move the player, he doesn't wanna be there, he said he's not gonna play.

  • He's Duggan.

  • He's not going anywhere.

  • Um, you just say Okay, look at this point right now.

  • I know he's the franchise and he's a great football player.

  • But if we could get three number ones or four first round picks for him, let's try and turn those into something special.

  • Because at this point, if you don't have him report and he doesn't show up and he's, you know, throwing the ball out of bounds and saying I don't know the plays that just wouldn't be great for himself and everybody else on the team.

  • Yeah, that's that's the situation that everyone would love to avoid if possible.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Dan Graziano is reporting that two Shawn Watson met with the new head coach of the Texans, David Cully, late last week.

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