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  • are the Jazz the best team in the NBA?

  • When this question was originally phrase in the email, it said better than Menas Brooklyn Nets.

  • And so I just want to make sure that that part still makes it in, or else the context is completely lost.

  • Yes, this is a question about the Jazz, which might be very exciting to people who accused the media of having coastal biases.

  • Here's the thing, Pablo probably and maybe even mean.

  • It will find a way to make this into a question about the Jazz's opponent last night.

  • The Lakers.

  • That's why we're finally having the conversation we should be having.

  • Which is the conversation being had by coaches across the league.

  • Which is what the Jazz Air doing this season is awesome.

  • They beat the Lakers last night by double digits.

  • They routed them in the last two weeks.

  • They've beat the Lakers, the Bucks, the Celtics, a lot of teams that included the Celtics to make myself feel better.

  • Ah, lot of teams that air considered very good, and they beat them by a margin.

  • That's in a knave ridge of the double digits.

  • They're doing very, very well.

  • They've won 15 straight at home.

  • This is a team that has multiple pieces that seem to be working together in a way that's very effective and they're hitting threes.

  • They're making more three attempts and then they're making the threes.

  • That's just math.

  • I'm not good at math, but I know that three is bigger than two and that it adds up a lot quicker.

  • That's basically what it comes down to.

  • There are great and fun team to watch.

  • Respected coaches are comparing them to teams that ended up going on to succeed in ways that we still talk about.

  • Steve Kerr is comparing them to what the Warriors used to be.

  • Brad Stevens is comparing them to the 13 14 Spurs.

  • So these are things we should be paying attention to and talking about.

  • But like I said, I'm sure Papa is gonna make this about the Lakers now.

  • They don't have Anthony Davis.

  • Well.

  • Katie Nolan.

  • First off, thank you for joining the analytics revolution.

  • Three.

  • Being bigger than two is actually the fundamental precept of all of our nursery on the MBA side.

  • More than that, I do want to give my you know, like respect to the Jazz because the argument for the Jazz is incredibly strong.

  • There's no doubt that in the regular season right now, they are the best team.

  • They are 20 games above 500.

  • They have been up by 20 points 20 times this season.

  • They're the only team in the league to be top five on offensive efficiency ratings and defensive efficiency ratings.

  • No one is as balanced or as good.

  • No one has an offensive defense that is this dynamic.

  • The main counter argument, though, and the reason why I'm not picking them to be the n B A champion this season, unfortunately, is also because they are the Utah Jazz.

  • And it's not just because they're named the Jazz and they're in Utah that has never made any sense to anybody.

  • It's simply because those two best players that they have Donovan, Mitchell, Rudy go bare, excellent.

  • Once an offensive dynamo, the other might be the best offensive player in the league.

  • Second, Ben Simmons.

  • Perhaps the issue is that there is still a tier below the superstars like and Katie Nolan.

  • Yes, take your victory lap, Anthony Davis and LeBron James, and we get to the playoffs.

  • It's still that kind of math that I keep on leaning up.

  • That's the core question that makes this jazz team so interesting, because their success seems to fly in the face of everything we have learned about the N B A over the last few years, which is that it is worth sacrificing death in order to build a super team or a Big Two or a Big Three.

  • Meanwhile, the Jazz legitimately seem like a team where the sum is greater than the parts.

  • As you guys have painstakingly laid out, they rank in the top three in just about every statistical category.

  • They're really fun.

  • Toe watch Mike Conley, Donovan Mitchell, two of the most likable players in the N b A.

  • Rudy Gobert is also there.

  • And yet I cannot help but feel like I've seen this movie before, though if it was an actual movie, the band of scrappy underdogs would win.

  • But in the n B A, they do not.

  • In recent years, Steve Kerr compared them to the Warriors.

  • The Warriors had superstars.

  • I love Donovan Mitchell.

  • I'm not sure he belongs in the same tear as Anthony Davis or Kevin Durant.

  • of my beloved Nets.

  • And when those two guys come back in the postseason, I just can't pick against them because of what we've seen in this league recently.

  • Yeah, that's spoken like a person who has thrown the weight of her name behind a team that built their entire thing on the value of superstars.

  • So of course, you're going to say without superstars, you can't get it done.

  • I think something that is absolutely not sports related, but absolutely relevant.

  • Here is the fact that Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert having a great relationship is part of what's able to power this team.

  • And they should not have that relationship.

  • They shouldn't be speaking to one another, but they are, and they're communicating well.

  • And to me, that is indication that this team is may be capable of doing stuff they should not be capable of doing.

  • It is a shocking fact, Katie, almost as shocking as the fact that we're just letting Mina go on national television and say, my beloved Nets, we all just kind of nod now.

  • Yeah, they just followed me back on Twitter.

  • Oh my God, She doesn't deserve it.

  • Take it back together back.

  • It's a heart beat.

  • She's using you.

  • She will dispose of you the second.

  • You are no longer useful.

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are the Jazz the best team in the NBA?

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