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  • whatever day on outside source to bring you the biggest stories from around the world.

  • We're gonna turn toe Armenian now because the fallout from its military defeat to Azerbaijan continues.

  • Thes two and neighbors are now The Armenian prime minister is accusing the military of an attempted coup, hours after the military called on him to resign on his supporters have bean out on the streets.

  • This is in Yerevan.

  • You can see the prime minister walking with a loudspeaker surrounded by supporters, and 20 more joined in.

  • Have a look at this in Republic Square when an estimated 20,000 people turned out on, the prime minister addressed um in her Ramana as an elected prime minister.

  • I am ordering all generals, officers and soldiers do your job of protecting the country's borders.

  • This is my order and no one can breach it now.

  • There's been a long time coming.

  • The prime minister has been facing growing pressure to resign ever since he agreed a deal last year which ended the war over the disputed region of Nagorno Karabakh, but frankly only ended by him effectively accepting defeat.

  • And many people consider that a betrayal.

  • Here's a statement from the military.

  • The prime minister, it says on the government, are no longer able to make reasonable decisions.

  • It accuses him off serious mistakes in foreign policy and says those mistakes have resulted in the Armenian state being on the verge of destruction Well.

  • Within hours of that, the prime minister posted his reply on Facebook.

  • E made decisions to dismiss the head of the general staff of the armed forces and the deputy head of general staff after it followed the announcement of high ranking military officials demanding my resignation.

  • The most important problem now is to keep the power in the hands off the people because I consider what is happening to be a military coup.

  • Well behind all of this is Nagorno Karabakh.

  • It's a region recognized as part of Azerbaijan, but it's been controlled by ethnic Armenians for years.

  • On became, in effect, part of Armenia.

  • Now these are some pictures from during the conflict last year this was the aftermath of violence in a place called Barda.

  • But after six weeks, a peace deal was eventually broken by Russia, but only after Azerbaijan was allowed to keep areas that it had captured on the reaction in Armenia was furious and immediate A Z you could see.

  • Protesters stormed the parliament within hours of that deal being announced.

  • Armenia's prime minister, though, argued he had no choice because he feared his forces would suffer even bigger losses.

  • While since then anti government process in Armenia have been gaining momentum, this was Yerevan on Wednesday.

  • Thes are members of an opposition alliance who are forcing their way into Yerevan State University were told they were trying to gain support from students and I guess that's one way of doing it.

  • There were a few scuffles along the way.

  • They also tried to enter another university, and also more than a dozen opposition parties have come together to call on the prime minister to go now relevant to the conflict.

  • Relevant to the current tensions are to significant players in the region.

  • Russia, a military ally of Armenia, is calling for calm.

  • Turkey, which backed Azerbaijan in the conflict, says this Q attempts can only destabilize the region and that's why we're against it.

  • In democracies, people can criticize the government on demand, its resignation.

  • This is natural, but the army calling on the government to resign when it came to power through elections, let alone to stage a coup is unacceptable.

  • E should add off the back of that clip.

  • There's no evidence off a coup taking place or a coup being attempted.

  • Well, I mean, he is.

  • Prime minister has been in power since 2018, so he's familiar with political tensions Since then.

  • He survived several attempts in parliament to remove him, so it's quite hard to work out what might happen next.

  • But here's the BBC's Rohan Dimitri assessing his future.

  • It's still unclear what's going to happen.

  • What's going to happen with Nicole Passion Yang, because he fired the army the head off the armed forces earlier today.

  • But the president off Armenia is yet to sign that order.

  • So what appears to to be happening now in Armenia is that Prime Minister Nicole Passion in is really on the other side of the spectrum, from the army generals from the president and the head off the country's church.

whatever day on outside source to bring you the biggest stories from around the world.

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