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  • He's also dealing with the most scrutiny, the most pressure the most minutes into his career.

  • Anyone who's ever played like this before on a defending championship.

  • I don't know what else he can do.

  • We can't.

  • It's not fair to ask for more from him.

  • He's doing everything.

  • It is totally fair.

  • And it's fair because he has the power and the ability to dictate what he can and cannot do.

  • In most situations you can.

  • There's nothing wrong with ask.

  • Demanding would be a problem because it implies he is not doing enough, but asking him if there's more that he could do, knowing that his greatness could peel something out of his, that there's nothing wrong with asking that, particularly with Demonstrator out as well.

  • And so we've got to remember that your point guard is out.

  • Rondo is no longer part of the team.

  • Anthony Davis is out and you're the point forward to begin with.

  • When the ball is in your hands.

  • Usually good things happen.

  • You able to keep them in the game because of the decision making.

  • We've raved about the fact that he's a master at finding mismatches.

  • That's what he does, he holds onto the ball.

  • He creates and discovers mismatches, and he exploits the This is what he does.

  • Never.

  • Is it more important with him in a Laker uniform to do it, not an Anthony Davis, and demonstrated are out.

  • So I don't have a problem with asking if you demanded it's a problem.

  • But if you ask, there's nothing wrong with that.

  • Know what I'm saying is I agree, right?

  • Like, Hey, LeBron, is there anything we could Dio?

  • I think he's.

  • I think this one goes to 11, right?

  • Like Spinal Tap.

  • Is this what it's already at its?

  • It's at the highest that can go.

  • I don't know.

  • You say, what what mawr, What isn't he doing right now?

  • He's He's on the ball a lot.

  • He's defending.

  • He's shooting the three.

  • I've watched teammates.

  • I watched the Brown.

  • There are times there are times Max that you know what because Anthony Davis and others are on the floor.

  • There was no need for him to be is aggressive and assertive as we've seen him be in the past.

  • But now that Anthony Davis is going to be out and demonstrators out, you could see LeBron get a bit more aggressive offensively.

  • Absolutely.

  • There's always more he could do, because he can pretty much do it all.

  • I mean, and then there's the obvious argument, which is if they want to make a deep playoff run again.

  • I know like he's done it before.

  • He's turned it on like last year, and then he's been able to perform in the playoffs better than anyone else.

  • But every year is unchartered territory for LeBron James because no one's ever done this before.

  • I don't know if you know if I am a Lakers fan as a Lakers fan, I don't want to see LeBron going all out in the middle of the season because of an idea injury.

  • And then eventually, especially as I mentioned those underlying efficiency numbers are the lowest they've been since he's a rookie.

  • I mean, it indicates maybe finally, some aging I don't want him to get with all those deep playoff runs he's in.

  • The Western Conference finals now puts the pedal to the metal and there's not enough gas in the tank.

  • I think what he discovered in Cleveland was he has toe can't do the Pat Riley, Erik Spoelstra intensity on both ends of the floor all through the season.

  • And there was a championship every year, right?

  • Pick his spots.

  • You know that spots particularly well.

  • You could say he's doing that now, but you might be asked him to do something a little bit more until Anthony Davis returns.

  • And the thing that I marvel at as well is that you know demonstrators out because of covert 19 safety protocol measures, and we've had other players do that.

  • You notice that LeBron hasn't missed a game because of that stuff?

  • Somehow, some way.

  • All of these guys, I mean folks of missing games for a plethora of reasons.

  • But the dude is 36 years of age and its 18th season, and he still is the most reliable dude arguably in the league.

  • I think that people really need to look at that, and then they are You sure you can't ask him to do more?

  • Somehow, some way, he's always figuring out a way to doom, or so why not ask?

He's also dealing with the most scrutiny, the most pressure the most minutes into his career.

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It's unfair to expect anything more from LeBron - Max Kellerman | First Take

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