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  • Yeah.

  • Just over two weeks after being poisoned with a novel chalk nerve agent in Siberia, Kremlin critic Alexi Navalny woke up from a drug induced coma and began responding to the words of his wife, Yulia.

  • He had been evacuated here for emergency treatment.

  • Berlin's Charity Hospital on He was weak.

  • He would later describe it as a period of appalling hallucinations.

  • It was September 2020 almost five months before his eventual return to Russia.

  • Reuters spoke to more than a dozen people who visited Navalny or communicated with him during his time in Germany.

  • Thes people gave insights into the funding of his political operations, and they also recounted that he never wavered in his single minded mission to displace Vladimir Putin.

  • In mid October 2020 Navalny moved from Berlin at night by helicopter to the village of Chibok in the black forest.

  • Set in a high valley, He, his wife and his son lived in an apartment guarded by armed police.

  • That's according to three people who visited him there.

  • Here, Navalny spent about two months to drive himself back to physical fitness with intense workouts, 23 year old Bjorn Lieber became his personal trainer, 14 demons out of somebody with an interesting this'll as early as I can.

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  • The two men spent hours boxing, juggling and running in the apartment.

  • They also used a counter current swimming pool in the basement.

  • Spar, where not exercising labor, said Navalny worked on his MacBook had physiotherapy or went sightseeing.

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  • By early December, Navalny and his team were in Freiburg, near the French border.

  • It was here that he secretly began work on a feature length film with Putin at its target.

  • A palace for Putin would allege that Putin is the owner of a sprawling estate on Russia's Black Sea coast.

  • It was released on YouTube on January the 19th, two days after Navalny's arrest, and has been watched at least 113 million times the team filmed in various locations, including Dresden, outside the apartment Putin lived in in the eighties as a KGB agent in Berlin when a valley visited the archives of the Stasi secret police to see Putin's identity card on also at the Black Forest Studios, where staff were sworn to secrecy.

  • Kremlin has dismissed the report.

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  • New prison deliberate Nick Nick Octa.

  • Some of Navalny's supporters hoped he would stay out of Russia, at least for a while.

  • Russian authorities dropped unambiguous hints that he would be jailed if he returned, but a German official confirmed to Reuters that Navalny made no request to stay.

  • Giovanni used Instagram to announce his plan returned to Russia, writing.

  • Russia is my country, Moscow is my city and I miss it.

  • Upon landing, his arrest was swift.

  • A couple of weeks later, a Moscow court jailed Navalny for nearly three years for parole violations, ignoring a Western outcry over his treatment and nationwide protests that had attracted tens of thousands in the middle of winter.

  • Some supporters wondered if he should have waited longer before returning those who got to know Navalny in Germany, meanwhile, are focused on his personal fate.

  • Personal trainer Labor sent Navalny a text saying Stay strong, but he only got one tick.

  • The message wasn't red.


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Special Report: Behind Alexei Navalny's mission to displace Vladimir Putin

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