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  • NFL Network is reporting that he is available.

  • Teams aren't knocking down the door, but any talent of this ilk is going to draw some interest.

  • So, fellas, let's get your thoughts on what could be a suitable option for O.

  • B J.

  • Obviously, on the trade market here.

  • If it would, it would have to be on the trademark.

  • First of all, I want to see where his health is.

  • That is he healthy if he's healthy and he's fully recovered and he doesn't have any lingering issues, and he feels good about where he's at and we feel good about him, and I think he could be a player s o.

  • Many times in this league, you are misunderstood about who you are as an individual off the field, even on the field, for that matter, I think he could certainly help 18 for sure, whether it's the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, whether it's coming back to New York and helping the New York Jets try to revitalize their organization and getting back to winning ways, or if it's the San Francisco 40 Niners and veteran presence at the receiver position there, or you know so when you start to look at some of those options.

  • He certainly could help a team.

  • I can understand why Cleveland J.

  • Would want to go in a different direction, not because of his lack of production or availability is just Maura about the cost of him and Landry and the fact that they've gone further than they've ever been without him in the lineup for 16, 4 games.

  • Um, and so when you look at that as a front office guy, you got to say, Do I wanna invest another 18 $1920 million into a guy that we want X amount of games without, even though it may make us slightly better and mawr explosive.

  • And so that's how you gotta look at it.

  • But he still could be a player in this league.

  • You see, I'm not sitting o b J to the Jets.

  • I'm not sending O b.

  • J to the Colts.

  • I'm not sending him any place where my quarterback seems somewhat fragile with how they manage personalities like, I don't know how Carson Wentz is coming out of this ego situation.

  • You know, if Sam Donald is going to be the guy in New York, I know he needs a big time.

  • Why receiver?

  • Target?

  • But I worry about how Baker, Mayfield and O.

  • B.

  • J kind of work together just due to the fact where I saw Baker tried to squeeze so many passes the O.

  • B.

  • J.

  • And not just let the game reveal itself.

  • I sent him or so to ah, veteran situation.

  • Whereas, hey, if you can't retain Chris Godwin in Tampa Bay, OK, Tom Brady come rock with us.

  • Tom Brady can manage strong personalities.

  • Hey, Green Bay!

  • Okay, Aaron Rodgers like him next along to Davante Adams, Aaron Rodgers commanded strong personalities.

  • I don't want a personality trait and a Q B where it's like, Oh, BJ not saying he doesn't maliciously just his mentality of Give me the ball or I need to get my targets can overwhelm a quarterback who maybe isn't position or prime to handle that.

  • Well, that's why I started off by preface ing what people say you get caught up in a receivers narrative about who they are.

  • They want the football.

  • This, that the other distractions that that it's so overblown.

  • J.

  • It's ridiculous, and I'm going to defend it because it is ridiculous.

  • Yes, a receiver defending a receiver.

  • What a shocker.

  • Go ahead and say it because almost said some other words.

  • It's laughable when people say those sort of things because it's not true.

  • Well, let me defend O B J in the last minute we have here.

  • This is the best defense I could give you, Obviously not having played the position like you.

  • This is the best defensive kick slash punch general manager.

  • You can't call me a play to positions.

  • Um, this team, you only play wide receiver?

  • No, but here's the thing.

  • Here's what I would say with regards to O B J.

  • In all seriousness.

  • Remember, he missed the first four games of his career, right?

  • So he had a shot.

  • Rookie year.

  • Not a shot rookie, but he missed a quarter of the season.

  • 2017 8, the bad ankle injury.

  • And then this year, of course, he went down in Week seven.

  • So he's missed Ah, lot of time.

  • But in his seven years he's gone for 6830 yards, So he missed a chunk of his rookie year, missed a ton of 2017, missed a ton of 2020 and despite all of those games missed, he is still nearly Ah, 1000 yard a season guy.

  • People do not give him credit for that.

  • I think about all the guys that have played in this league that haven't missed time.

  • He's missed significant chunks of three of his seven seasons, and he's still a 1000 yard receiver.

  • Essentially, thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content subscribed to ESPN plus right now.

NFL Network is reporting that he is available.

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