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  • I am awake.

  • I don't know, but I mean your your hat must be somewhere.

  • Hello on, Ramesh.

  • I'm helping bear find this hat.

  • We can't find it anywhere.

  • Maybe we'll find Bears Hat in tonight's bedtime story.

  • It's called I want my hat back and is by John Clasen My hat is gone.

  • I want it back.

  • Have you seen my hat?

  • No, I haven't seen your hat.

  • Okay.

  • Thank you anyway.

  • Have you seen my hat?

  • No, I have not seen any hats around here.

  • Okay.

  • Thank you anyway.

  • Have you seen my hat?

  • No.

  • Why are you asking May?

  • I haven't seen it.

  • I haven't seen any hats anywhere.

  • I would not steal a hat.

  • Don't ask many more questions, Okay.

  • Thank you Anyway.

  • Have you seen my hat?

  • I haven't seen anything all day.

  • I've been trying to climb this rock.

  • Would you like me to lift you on top of it?

  • Yes, please.

  • Have you seen my hat?

  • I saw a hat once.

  • It was blue and round My hat doesn't look like that.

  • Thank you Anyway, have you seen my hat?

  • What is a hat?

  • Thank you.

  • Anyway, nobody has seen my hat.

  • What if I never see it again.

  • What if nobody ever finds it?

  • My poor hat.

  • I miss it so much.

  • What's the matter?

  • I've lost my hat and nobody has seen it.

  • What does your hat look like?

  • It's red and pointy.

  • Andi, I have seen my hat.

  • You You stole my hat.

  • I love my hat.

  • Excuse me.

  • Have you seen a rabbit wearing a hat?

  • No.

  • Why are you asking?

  • May?

  • I haven't seen him.

  • Moment.

  • Seen any rabbits anywhere?

  • I would not eat a rabbit.

  • Don't ask me any more questions.

  • Okay?

  • Thank you.

  • Anyway.

  • Well, Bear is found his hat.

  • But now the rabbit has gone missing.

  • Are you sure you don't know where rabbits gone?

  • Oh, no more questions, you say.

  • Okay, maybe rabbit has gone to bed, so I snuggled down.

  • Go to sleep.

  • I'll see you soon for another bedtime story.

  • Good night.

I am awake.

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Bedtime Stories | Romesh Ranganathan | I Want My Hat Back

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/25
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