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  • - Nice to meet you, Franklin. My name is (speaks gibberish).

  • - Sorry, I didn't really catch that.

  • (speaking gibberish)

  • I am so sorry, could you repeat yourself just one more time?

  • The name is (speaks gibberish).

  • Did you not hear me that time?

  • - (chuckles) Yeah, I'm afraid I didn't understand what you said.

  • - Okay, here I go, fourth time.

  • - I am well aware of that.

  • - So listen closely.

  • My name is (speaks gibberish).

  • - [Voiceover] Okay, don't panic.

  • Just replay it in your mind, maybe you can make sense of it.

  • What did he say?

  • Herbert Derber Jr.?

  • That can't be his name,

  • that's the stupidest name I ever heard.

  • If I call him Herbert Derber Jr. and I'm wrong, I'm gonna look like a fool.

  • Well, I gotta say something.

  • - (laughs) Okay, I finally got it now.

  • - (chuckles) Say it back to me.

  • - I'm sorry, what was that?

  • - Since you got it now, say my name back to me.

  • - Well... - 'Cause you laughed and said, "Okay," as though you understood what I said, strangely as though my name is some kind of joke to you.

  • - No, no, I was just-

  • - Say my name.

  • - It's...

  • (stutters)

  • - Yeah, keep going.

  • (stuttering)

  • You liar.

  • - Could you say it one more time please?

  • I promise you I'll get it this time.

  • - Okay, but that's it.

  • My name is Herbert Derber Jr.

  • - Oh!

  • Herbert Derber Jr.

  • - Yes!

  • - That's what I thought you said.

  • - Well then why didn't you just say it?

  • - I just didn't expect that your name would be that stupid.

  • (ominous music)

  • (smooth Latin music)

- Nice to meet you, Franklin. My name is (speaks gibberish).

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When you ask them to repeat twice but still don't understand...

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