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  • do you support us Getting back in the World Health Organization?

  • We we give 24% of their budget, but But yet they have not become a They're not being a good friend to America or the rest of the world right now, What I can tell you is that President Biden has made it very clear he's committed to getting back into the World Health Organization at the G seven meeting that recently occurred, Uh, HHS was represented so we could try to move forward to try to deal with Cove it beyond our borders.

  • Because our security, our economic, our health, security really depends on not just controlling cove it within our borders, but outside our borders Would be your goal toe.

  • Have herd immunity.

  • What time frame, Senator?

  • Great question.

  • And I know this is something near and dear to you.

  • Uh, I think President Biden has been very clear.

  • He's gonna he's gonna push the limit and making us get there on do it safely.

  • That's why he said before he even took office and knew what he was inheriting, that his goal was to have ah 100 million shots in armed American arms within the 1st 100 days.

  • But if these trends continue, as you've just mentioned, that does bode well for all of us.

  • And so we're not gonna give up.

  • The president has now secured another 100 million doses of vaccines.

  • So we are now on course to have the 600 million vaccines.

  • And you're talking now about two shots, so enough to cover every adult in America with the vaccine.

  • And so I hope what you've just articulated is where we're going.

  • Because if that's the case, then not only is the health of America to get improved quickly, but our economy will as well.

  • Ah, 100 million in 100 days is not acceptable that we can get.

  • We can get there by April or May if we do our jobs.

  • So good luck.

  • And we're here to put when beneath your cells a Z go forward.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • We look forward to that wind beneath our wings.

do you support us Getting back in the World Health Organization?

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Biden committed to getting U.S. back into WHO, says HHS nominee

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/24
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