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  • Yemen is at risk of the worst famine the world has seen in decades, according to the United Nations.

  • The U.

  • N warns that 16 million people will go hungry this year, including some 400,000 Children who will suffer from what it calls severe.

  • Acute malnutrition on DCU could die without urgent treatment.

  • Yemen was already the Arab world's poorest country before its civil war escalated in 2015 Houthi rebels backed by Iran, control most off the population there.

  • The Yemeni government, which is helped by a Saudi led coalition which is backed by the U.

  • K.

  • Has been carrying out a bombing campaign in support off the internationally recognized government.

  • Our international correspondent, All Algerians report from southern Yemen does contain some distressing scenes from the start.

  • Yeah, every breath is a struggle.

  • Yeah, and he is dangerously thin.

  • Mohammad Amar is 12 months old or too weak to hold his head off.

  • He is in the grip off severe acute malnutrition.

  • Mohammed needs to go to hospital urgently, his mother, Horia knows, but can do nothing.

  • Keep any anywhere.

  • That's my money.

  • Maria Arbab, Model Hamis Um de Leon This'll Rural clinic couldn't provide transport from Mohammed.

  • We were able to give mother and baby a lift to the hospital on our away.

  • This was a chance encounter en tires province, an area ravaged by hunger in one of the world's poorest countries.

  • Malnutrition was entrenched in Yemen before the war, but has increased every year since.

  • At Halifa Hospital, doctors do what they can.

  • They say Mohammed's weight is about half what it should be and he has a chest infection.

  • He's put on oxygen.

  • Ah, lifeline For now, we can help the case, which reached our hospital.

  • But there is a lot of baby cannot reach store hospital.

  • So this is the problem.

  • Are you afraid that there are Children dying at home?

  • Yes, there is a lot of cases dying home due to a lot of factors are a lot of courses.

  • No nothing.

  • Those causes are complex but don't include lack of food in the markets.

  • There's plenty to buy, but many can't afford it.

  • Six years of conflict have taken their toll.

  • Food prices have risen about 140%.

  • The Yemeni currency has collapsed along with the economy onto the youngest here are heartbreakingly vulnerable.

  • Her name is Radha we need.

  • She came because of acute gastroenteritis.

  • She is four months old.

  • Tiny Garda is deteriorating rapidly in the southern city of Aden for her mother hip teda displaced by the war.

  • Seeing her like this rigid with pain, is another trauma.

  • Gotta has severe acute malnutrition and is running a high fever.

  • Dr.

  • Maha Sulieman tries to cool down her tiny body with a cold cloth.

  • Some of Godard's test results come back.

  • It's not good news.

  • Okay, when I found the really sick Children on, they give on coming, deteriorated or not responsive to treatment.

  • It's very hard.

  • Even we have some office sleep disturbance.

  • Really, For me, I have a sleep disturbance some night, and it's very hard and painful on.

  • We have even know time toe change the sheets off the bed just to change the sheets on Under vision is just coming Well, doctors air now extremely concerned about God.

  • A.

  • They say her case is critical.

  • She needs an X ray, but it's too far away across the hospital.

  • They can't take the chance of moving her now.

  • She's on oxygen at the moment and they're just trying to stabilize her.

  • Aziz the specter of famine hangs over Yemen.

  • Those in need are getting less food aid because of cuts in international donations.

  • The U.

  • N says.

  • Yemenis are not starving.

  • They are being starved.

  • Since we filmed thes pictures, Ghada has died or leg here.

  • And BBC News Southern Yemen.

  • The terrible plight of so many young Children there in Yemen that was altogether in reporting.

Yemen is at risk of the worst famine the world has seen in decades, according to the United Nations.

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Yemen facing world’s “worst famine in decades” - BBC News

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