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  • This is a make or miss league.

  • It's a make or miss league make, uh, miss, it's a make or miss league.

  • Yeah, make throw downs.

  • Kyrie leaking out, Throwing down the two hander Perk the Internet.

  • Very excited about this.

  • Oh, I didn't even know Kyrie Irving could dunk.

  • This just shows with Kirk Boy thing, This just shows how great of a joy he's playing with right now.

  • I haven't seen Kyrie Irving this happy about basketball a long time Look at this elevation Ooh, ooh ooh I mean, look, I think he's always been able to dump, but he just, you know, picks his spots.

  • This one is ridiculous.

  • Hey, was thinking about the whole way down Even then he wasn't quite sure.

  • He was like, Oh, yeah, I'm gonna make it when you get finished around the hoop the way Kyrie can dunking probably seems like just a waste of an opportunity.

  • But this is really, really fun.

  • Missus ist nugget talks pick and roll basketball and combat.

  • So I feel like his name every day these days hitting heartens style in the face.

  • I do not say his name every day.

  • Big Bird, whose fault is this one?

  • You gotta be ready for the past.

  • Look, Mike Malone is ready.

  • Go crazy right now.

  • Look, when you play with a guy like that, you always gotta be ready.

  • Because, like that is his game.

  • That's his game is really fun to watch less So when he's hitting his teammates in the face.

  • But you know what I mean.

  • Make body language.

  • Steve Balmer trying to will his team to victory.

  • Gets very animated on the baseline.

  • Ramona.

  • It might be Cove it, But we're still getting the full bomber experience.

  • He's sitting by himself.

  • Rachel, you were He's by himself, Okay?

  • And like what?

  • And if you when you listen to the game, I think there was a part in the game where they turned the house, The house sound down and you could just hear him.

  • You could hear him the whole time.

  • Like when DeAndre Jordan shooting free throws like that's all you heard was just bomber.

  • I thought we were riding imaginary exercise.

  • All that.

  • There it goes.

  • All right, Miss Buckets.

  • Take a look at the drive.

  • And then the denial by Dwight oh, snatches it off the glass snatch blocks of the best blocks right for you're absolutely Look, you get, you get the block and you get the rebound and you keep the ball in place.

  • It's a certain type of dominance.

  • They put that fear in those guys.

  • Eyes can do.

  • I feel younger, Rachel just watching this is it 2009 again.

  • White like that is an amazing for him.

  • He's been through back surgeries.

  • He's been through so much.

  • And for him to get up this high and control it like that very good.

  • It is always the guys.

  • I'm so confused when we do show some of this old video, and it's a fuzzy as it is.

  • I don't remember it being that fuzzy.

  • No u E 0 11 years ago.

  • It's great.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

This is a make or miss league.

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Perk reacts to Kyrie's breakaway dunk: I didn't know he could do that! | The Jump

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/23
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