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  • things from suicide attempt.

  • It gets pretty bad on here.

  • It definitely should not be a site that should be up.

  • Is bad is bad.

  • What's right?

  • A Website.

  • Oh Mogul has been linking up random strangers for video chats for years.

  • But since the pandemic began, its exploded in popularity worldwide, fueled by viral videos on mainstream social networks.

  • On Tic Tac alone, there are now more than nine billion views of videos about Oh, Mogul.

  • It's a site that claims to be moderated but has a reputation for being unpredictable and unsafe.

  • I've been on it for 10 minutes, and I've probably seen like 20 guys.

  • You know, men Pleasuring themselves is a common occurrence In 12 hour period during our BBC investigation, we were paired at random with 12 masturbating men, eight naked males and seven porn adverts.

  • The site has no age verification in place, and we found dozens of under 18, some Children as young as seven or eight.

  • And it's not just adults doing explicit things when we search for chats.

  • Using a generic sexual keyword who were also pared twice with seemingly prepubescent boys masturbating, one of them identified himself as 14 years old, we ended both chat swiftly and reported the incidents to the relevant authorities.

  • But the Internet Watch Foundation, a charity working to eliminate child sexual abuse imagery online, says it's concerned.

  • It says the sites being used by predators to gather self generated child abuse material.

  • We do see content that's been generated on the website on legal.

  • The content that we see quite shockingly ranges right through thio.

  • Individuals self penetrating on webcam on this type of activity is going on in a household often where we know that parents are president because there are conversations that you can hear you know, even Children being, you know, ask to come down fatigue.

  • One parent in the north of England told us that her eight year old daughter was nearly coerced into sexual activity on the site last month.

  • My daughter had seen some videos go viral on Ticktock about people being on, um Eagle.

  • So she explode the site.

  • These people were coming on and saying she was beautiful, heart sexy.

  • She told him that she was only eight years old.

  • They were okay with that.

  • She witnessed a man masturbating Andi under the man wanted to play truth or dare.

  • She thought it was just an innocent game, but it was asking a thio shake a bomb, take a top off in the trousers, which, thankfully, she didn't do.

  • In recent months, police forces, schools and cyber authorities around the world have issued warnings against a Mongol, but the website continues to surge in popularity.

  • In the last year, traffic has ballooned from 34 million visits to an estimated 65 million visits a month.

  • The sites grown, particularly in the US, UK, India and Mexico.

  • Lily and her friend, who was on face time with her a 16 years old.

  • Yeah, she said.

  • One in 10 conversations is actually normal, she reckons.

  • Where did we hear about it?

  • Tic Tac, Yeah, through tech talk.

  • Yeah, it was a few months ago.

  • Our friends started using it, and then we'll start just using it for like, funny.

  • Like there's weird men on that.

  • Yeah, loads of them.

  • Tick Tock says its safety teams are continuing to monitor oh middle content on their platform on have not found any offensive or illegal material.

  • The company also said that as a result of our investigation, it's banned any direct Web links to the website.

  • WAY tried to speak toe middle, but there's no way to contact the website.

  • Leaf Cay Brooks, who is based in the U.

  • S, created the site when he was 18 and it's still the owner, so we tried to track him down.

  • He has no active social network accounts, and it took several attempts through a separate company he founded called Octane Ai.

  • To get a response, he said in an email that oh Mogul is moderated and in fact, he's increased moderation in the last year, removing users who appeared to be under 13 years old.

  • But many of the people we spoke to on the site say that it's not moderated enough.

  • This is not a platform this students or Children should be here.

  • There should be some moderator out there keeping an eye on everyone.

  • Mr.

  • Brooks also claims to have removed the ability to search for the generic sexual keyword We used Way weren't able to verify this, and he didn't reply to any follow up questions.

things from suicide attempt.

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