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  • I want to move on to Damian Lillard guys.

  • The Blazers, up to fourth in the West after beating the Thunder last night game, has kept them afloat in the absence of C.

  • J McCollum.

  • Nurkic still out.

  • Eric, I know you're working on a big game story, so give us a little preview.

  • Tell us where you think Dame lies within the M V P conversation right now, too.

  • I definitely think he's in the conversation.

  • There's no denying that, you know, you see what he's been doing this season.

  • He's been He's been Dame Lillard.

  • You know, that's that's what we've become accustomed to.

  • The latest example.

  • Last night.

  • Another example of game time.

  • He's in the conversation.

  • I think LeBron James is still at the top.

  • My personal opinion.

  • Nicola Yokich.

  • You know you have Joel and be those are some of the names, but dames should be mentioned in that conversation.

  • Put some respect on his name like Birdman E think his mentality was a little different, you know, coming into this season, he trained as a boxer.

  • I don't know if many people know that it's not just a social media thing.

  • Shameless plug that's the story that I'm working on, but he's trained as a boxer.

  • He's really he's in contact with Andre Ward.

  • He's in contact with Terence Crawford.

  • He's in contact with these great boxers and he trained up to 5 to 6 days a week, not only entering this season but going into the bubble.

  • When you saw that scoring average go up because that aggressing is up from him training as a fighter, you saying that mentality?

  • So I think that's really helped him this year, and he should be in that M V P conversation, for sure.

  • Oh, he definitely is.

  • He's top five in my book, and I mean, literally, You could make a case and put him number one, especially with C.

  • J.

  • Ben out Turkish Ben out and the way that he's been carrying this team, we don't never hear Dane Dollar complaining about nothing.

  • He goes out there and delivering.

  • He delivers in great fashion from time to time again, and I tell you that the start of the season and no disrespect to Steph Curry.

  • But when I talked about the best point guard in the game today, I look at Daniel a little bit because not only is he giving you 29 to 30 point tonight, he's also giving you around about 7 7.5 8 cents a night also, and he's carrying this franchise.

  • His partner in crime has been out for almost a month now, and it has been no slippage.

  • So Dane Dills, Odein Dollar Dane Time should be top five in the M V P Conversation e Hey, what bottom line, then?

  • Both you guys are totally right.

  • The guy does his job as a superstar.

  • He don't care who's on the court with him.

  • He don't care if he's got the best players in the role players.

  • This guy comes out night in and night out, and he performs as a superstar would no matter what the conditions.

  • And that is what I love about him.

  • And let's just get this on the record.

  • Out of all of the M V P candidates we just named, is there any one guy that s'more clutch, then dame Dollar?

  • That is the big thing.

  • I want to pose to the group because this dude hits big shots all the time.

  • It's just so normal when he gets the ball at the end of the clock or the end of the game.

  • We just expect that damn dollar is gonna hit that shot.

  • And that's a testament to his greatness and being able to focus in that moment.

  • And so I think that's what makes him different.

  • And I just love watching him play.

  • I'm a fan of his.

  • I think he's a class act and he's really playing at a high level.

  • Absolutely.

  • And you can find out where Damian Lillard ranks in the clutch.

  • That's for the MBA, what his boxing routine is like all from reading Eric Story.

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I want to move on to Damian Lillard guys.

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