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  • right.

  • This is about restorative justice to try toe have those black leaders Those civil rights activists who were wrongfully convicted over 50 years ago toe have them exonerated after race passing.

  • I found a confession letter that Ray had written and mailed to my father back in 2011.

  • This letter details his the FBI and the NYPD s involvement in the assassination of Malcolm X and how he was forced to betray his people.

  • This letter helps me to understand the pain and guilt that Ray felt for the last 55 years.

  • He conspired to help the NYPD assassinate Malcolm X on behalf of Ray.

  • He wanted the world to know that he is deeply sorry.

  • I hope that this information helps this Shabbas family.

  • Excuse me two more clearly understand what happened to their father on that horrible day As a black man, I am disgusted to know that what happened 60 years ago it's still going on today we're living under J.

  • Edgar Hoover's Jim Crow system of policing are black and brown people.

  • He is the architect of these constant and justices and tactics against our people.

  • I am now going to give a copy of this letter to the Shabbas family.

  • I intend to give a copy of this letter to Khalil Sigh each family, Walter Bo's family, Thomas Johnson's family, her colanders family and a Phoenicia Cars family.

  • These are the families of individuals that I'm aware of who have been falsely convicted due to raise actions.


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Letter alleges FBI, police role in Malcolm X's death

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/21
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