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  • in Africa, there is a kid who may be the Elon Musk off Ghana.

  • Why?

  • Because he built an entire car from scratch.

  • That could drive like this.

  • Who is this kid?

  • How did he build this car?

  • And can this car Dr itself just like a testament in this tiny house in Ghana?

  • I found Kelvin.

  • Hi.

  • I'm Kevin on people calling the elements of Ghana.

  • If it wasn't obvious by now, Kelvin is poor.

  • He grew up in Ghana with the average person, makes less than 300 bucks a month.

  • But that did not stop his ambitions to become an engineer.

  • So ever since he was 10 years old, he was in his garage building robots, toy planes and even vacuum cleaners out of the stuff he could find around him.

  • I realized I have a passion in me off creating machines.

  • I didn't go to any engineering school.

  • I thought to myself.

  • This kid taught himself everything, including how to build a car, a really moving car.

  • For four years, Kelvin went to car shops, toe, learn about cars.

  • He collected scrap metals from junkyards, construction sites everywhere.

  • From the beginning, when I started building this guy.

  • People didn't understand what I was really trying to do.

  • They were trying to discourage me, Some people telling me that I'm even going mad, bit by bit, piece of metal by piece of metal.

  • His car was taking shape, but Kelvin couldn't just get everything from the junkyard.

  • Things like engines cost money Mawr than his family could afford.

  • So he took a part time jobs to get money to buy an engine for his car.

  • Jobs sometimes help in the constructed building, selling scrap materials to get money.

  • Three years later, at the age of 18, after many, many failures, Kelvin finally finished his own Kelvin Mobile.

  • It opens up words like a Ferrari can go up to 300 horsepower, has a wheel, a mirror, a gear stick, everything you can find in a normal car, even a radio for music on How much did it cost him to get?

  • It would be less than $3000 in total.

  • Now Kelvin is the only one in his town with a car, and every time he takes his car out, everyone will come out to watch E take the car outside.

  • Many people feel excited and they would like to take pictures with it.

  • Many people are in motivating me to not give up from the West, and all they have been saying It's much reads me to do it better than how I wish to do on.

  • He is not stopping there in the future, just like Elon must end.

  • Tesla's Kelvin wants to build his own electric car that can drive on its own.

  • Jessica is to build on electric, not to drive itself and also prevent accidents, injuries, and his eventual dream is even bigger.

  • It's toe build airplanes and rocket ships to reach new heights and new planets.

  • Just think about this for a second.

  • A kid from a poor family in Ghana with zero money, zero help was able to build a car from scratch.

  • If the same talent existed in a developed country, he would be working at Tesla.

  • But for now you'll find him in his garage in Ghana, self teaching himself how to succeed.

  • Hey, everybody, thank you so much for watching Nass daily Nass means people in Arabic humans, and we are on a mission to show you the stories of humans from all around the world.

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  • Thank you and see you soon.

in Africa, there is a kid who may be the Elon Musk off Ghana.

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The Hidden Elon Musk Of Africa

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