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  • Philadelphia has agreed to trade Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for a 2021 3rd round pick and a conditional second round pick in 22 that could turn into a first that is reporting from Adam.

  • Chef.

  • I think we have been anticipating It is certainly not a surprise.

  • It is exactly what I think whence wanted.

  • It is the best case scenario for him again.

  • I will read it again.

  • Adam Schefter tweeting.

  • Philadelphia has agreed to trade.

  • Carson went to the Colts for a 2021 3rd round pick and a conditional to in 2022.

  • They could turn into a first.

  • So we start with the details from the indie side.

  • I love it.

  • Love it.

  • If we're gonna look at this from three different sides, let me to organize my thoughts again.

  • This is just happening kind of.

  • As we go.

  • There's three sides to look at this from There's the went side, the Eagles side, the cold side, the biggest winner.

  • It all is Wentz.

  • This is exactly what he wanted.

  • This this is the best case scenario for him.

  • He goes to ah, great team, that is 100% championship ready.

  • He's gonna play behind a great offensive line with really good weapons and outstanding offensive coach.

  • His games will be in a dome.

  • They have a championship caliber defense.

  • Can I say again how great his offensive line is?

  • That is a tailor made situation.

  • Add water, and that's a Super Bowl contender.

  • So if Carson Wentz can recapture any semblance of what he was at his best, the Colts are absolutely a Super Bowl contender today.

  • So the biggest winner in this is once next is Indie.

  • I do believe this is what they wanted.

  • Reich knows.

  • And so if Reich want, there's no way they do this.

  • If Reich doesn't want it to happen, so right obviously believes I can make Carson Wentz that guy we saw in 17.

  • So I believe the Colts are a winner in this, and they're a big winner because of how little they give up.

  • The overwhelming loser in this is the Eagles.

  • It's hard to put into words how much the Eagles lose here.

  • The Eagles had what they thought was a franchise quarterback.

  • They paid him a trillion dollars.

  • They basically sat by and watched him tear apart their entire franchise.

  • They fire the coach.

  • They create a ridiculously bad situation.

  • They win a Super Bowl without him.

  • And now when they finally trade him, they thought they were going to get a Matthew Stafford like package.

  • They get a third round pick this year, and a conditional to that could turn into a one that is so much less then I have to believe they anticipated and that the world anticipated.

  • And I'm now going toe enter into the area of conjecture.

  • This is no longer Adam Schefter is reporting.

  • This is me.

  • Supposing I think that went, made it clear through intermediaries, however, that stuff works that India is where he wanted to go.

  • I have to believe that there are teams out there that would have given up Mawr than the Eagles got for Carson Wentz.

  • But you don't want to get a disgruntled Carson Wentz.

  • We've all seen what a disgruntled Carson Wentz looks like, and it's not pretty you want when says Gruntal does, you could get him, and I think that his his three way he's grunt old is to go to Indianapolis.

  • So the Eagles are unimaginable losers in this scenario.

  • Look, just getting rid of him, I think to some degree is addition by subtraction.

  • They had to do it.

  • But if you had told me when I woke up this morning, what do the Eagle is going to get for?

  • Carson went, and the answer came back.

  • Ah, three and a conditional, too.

  • I would have said, That's a disaster, A disaster.

  • So is Jalen hurts their quarterback Now we'll see again.

  • The Colts, I think, aren't absolute contender bordering on favorite when you list the favorites in the A F.

  • C.

  • As of this moment, and we'll see where everything shakes out.

  • There's a lot of moves left to make and a fellow by the name of the show on who could rewrite a lot of this.

  • But as currently constituted, I put the Colts right there.

  • It's Kansas City, it's Buffalo, maybe Baltimore and then on the come Cleveland.

  • And I love everything about this move for the Colts.

  • I think the culture that good, they have elite coaching elite.

  • Their general manager is a stud.

  • That guy Chris Ballot is also they still have money to spend.

  • Well, I don't know that they do now with Wednesday's contract.

  • His contract actually is pretty reasonable now.

  • If he recaptures himself, what's left on his contract isn't that bad.

  • So here's the first.

  • Well, I guess Stafford was the first.

  • Here's the second huge domino to fall in this game of quarterback musical chairs in this in this quarterback carousel, Carson Wentz is an Indianapolis colt Boy, that's really remarkable.

  • So obviously, the coverage of this will continue all day long here, on ESPN radio and across all of ESPN TV SportsCenter will go on the air in just a few minutes on TV, and you can sort of catch up with what they're doing there.

  • This is enormous enormous news, whence gets what he wants.

  • The Eagles, I think, at borderline fleeced and the Indianapolis Colts, I think vault right at or near the top of the list of contenders in the A F.

  • C.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Philadelphia has agreed to trade Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for a 2021 3rd round pick and a conditional second round pick in 22 that could turn into a first that is reporting from Adam.

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The Eagles are the 'overwhelming loser' of the Carson Wentz trade - #Greeny

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