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  • You can probably tell that during quarantine I've worked.

  • I work out like crazy.

  • Um, they're they're actually my assistant is laughing behind this curtain.

  • Um, no, but I am known for my you know, my physicality and my sensuality.

  • And so I have worked very hard during quarantine it, maintaining what the public demands from me.

  • What about you?

  • Have you Have you worked at it all?

  • Are you Are you Are you taking care of yourself?

  • Well, I saw you and I we answer to the same masters on DSO.

  • Your concerns are my concerns and so e Look, from here on down, that's the money makers I'm frightened form when?

  • When you're stuck in quarantine, you gotta You kind of run out of excuses to give your wife or why you won't do yoga with her.

  • So I eventually kind of caved taking up snowshoeing, snowshoeing, eso So that's that.

  • That's that's my workout.

  • Did you Are you a skier?

  • I'm just imagining you.

  • You must be a skier.

  • You had to be growing up, so I've gone skiing once I went skiing once and snowboarding once on never again.

  • Each time the skiing, the one time I went skiing was with hindsight.

  • I suspect it was like my father's fumbling attempt to save his marriage took us all on a ski vacation.

  • Um, spoiler alert.

  • My mom left him two years later on, uh, laughing I should say Sorry, but you're gonna dio The marriage broke up and you were scarred on your impressionable 14 year old robbed of my male role model.

  • And, uh but so they got us all snowsuits.

  • We went down in Vermont, which, again exercise in futility because we lived in Montreal.

  • Don't need to go to Vermont to go skiing, but whatever.

  • Anyway, we went and everybody made fun of my snowsuit.

  • All the rich American kids laughed at my snowsuit and made jokes about what You get that at Walmart and I was like, Yeah, I think I did.

  • Actually, on e gave up after the like six time I ate it and I was just lying there.

  • When I gear all over the place like a like a plane crash and my arms of Kimbo and this kid's going above me on the gondola literally laughing like Nelson and, uh, you know, I used to I'm from Boston, So my brother and I used to go up skiing in Vermont so I would have been It's possible I would have been up there laughing at you from a gondola.

  • You know, I realized that time doesn't exactly lined up.

  • I would probably started my my showbiz career by then.

  • But it's possible it's possible that I saw you as like a 12 or 14 year old and leaned out of a gondola and laughed at you because that's the kind of asshole I waas.

  • At the very least, you're spiritually descendants.

  • Laughed at me.

  • Yeah.

  • Uh huh.

You can probably tell that during quarantine I've worked.

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