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  • you can record your Xbox one game play in two different ways.

  • One for shorter clips up to two minutes long, or the second option is for longer footage up to 10 minutes.

  • We will show you how to record for both options in this video, along with a bonus method for capturing even longer game play up to an hour using an external hard drive, it's possible to retrieve a clip of the last two minutes of your Xbox one game play.

  • If you want to retroactively record short footage of something that just happened right after you experience that epic gaming moment, press the Xbox guide button in the middle of your controller.

  • Here, you can see recording options.

  • Click the View button to access the capture options.

  • Now choose how far back in time you want your recording to start from.

  • You can choose anywhere from 15 seconds to two minutes.

  • Xbox will compile the clip and let you know when it's finished.

  • You can review your latest recordings and view sharing options by pressing the Xbox guide button.

  • Then go to the capture and share menu at the top, go down to recent captures here you can select the clip you want to share.

  • Goto all sharing options.

  • Choose your share option and your clip is sent and ready to be edited or shared.

  • You can also prepare for recording longer Xbox one gameplay ahead of time.

  • By going with this option, you can record the next five minutes of game play or as much as an hour with an external hard drive.

  • Now let's access our record settings to make sure they're correct.

  • For the type of recording we want, click the Xbox Guide button on your controller, then go to the capture and share menu at the top.

  • Then click on capture settings.

  • Here.

  • You can choose the length and quality of your recording.

  • 7.

  • 20 p Has a maximum internal record time of five minutes to achieve longer recording times up to an hour.

  • Use an N.

  • T.

  • F s formatted external drive plugged into your Xbox via USB three point Oh, and back in your settings, make sure your capture location is set to your external drive.

  • Once the settings are where you like them, you can start recording by clicking the Xbox Guide button on your controller.

  • Then go to the capture and share menu at the top, Then click.

  • Start recording.

  • You will be prompted.

  • Once you're recording has finished and you can then share it anyway you like.

  • If you want your voice to be recorded over the clips, we suggest you use an external recording solutions such as audacity and then adding your voice recording in later, check our link in the description below toe.

  • Learn how to use audacity.

  • What are the questions do you have on Xbox?

  • We leave a comment below.

you can record your Xbox one game play in two different ways.

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How To Record On Xbox One

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