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  • With more than 17,000 stores in 90 countries, Domino's Pizza is one of the largest fast-food chains in the world.

  • Depending on the region, you can find toppings that reflect various cultures, which leads to more than 34 million ways to make a Domino's pizza.

  • Let's take a look at Domino's pizza toppings from around the world.

  • Chicken tikka masala is a specialty pizza found in Domino's restaurants in India.

  • Chicken tikka masala is a popular Indian dish that has a cream-based curry sauce.

  • The pizza is topped with chicken, onions, and paprika, and drizzled with an herby mint mayo.

  • In 2020 Domino's featured a limited edition bubble tea pizza in Taiwan and Japan.

  • Bubble tea contains boba pearls, which are sweet tapioca balls that originated in Taiwan and are now popular all over the world.

  • The pizza is fairly simple, with cheese, honey, and boba pearls as the only toppings.

  • A maple syrup packet is also provided if you wanna add more sweetness.

  • In Japan, Domino's offers quattro pizzas, which provide customers with four types of toppings.

  • The roast quattro features two roast beef and two roast chicken toppings with gravy sauce, camembert cheese, and truffle.

  • Surprisingly, Domino's in Japan is kind of expensive.

  • This quattro pizza costs JPY$3900, which is about US$37.

  • At Domino's in Australia, you can find Korean barbecue steak pizza.

  • In addition to steak, toppings include sesame seeds, spring onions, chili flakes, and a Korean barbecue sauce that is thick and has a hint of soy sauce with a little bit of heat.

  • In Ukraine, you can order Salo as a pizza topping.

  • Salo is a Ukrainian delicacy made from cured pig fat.

  • The porky pizza has jalapeno peppers, sliced tomato, and pepperoni.

  • Sucuk is served as a pizza topping at Dominoes in Turkey.

  • Sucuk is a Turkish sausage that is generally made with ground beef, garlic, cumin, and red pepper.

  • The sucuk pizza at Domino has the sausage cut in half, along with mozzarella cheese, green peppers, and mushrooms.

  • The crust is even filled with sucuk and covered with sesame seeds.

  • Domino's recently released its beef doner kebab pizza in the UK.

  • The pizza has thinly sliced beef doner, mozzarella, chunks of tomato, and red onion.

  • Frank's red hot sauce is added on top, giving the pizza some heat.

  • The vegendary pizza in Iceland has just about every topping besides meat.

  • It has cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, garlic, jalapenos, pineapple, barbecue sauce, marinara sauce, black pepper, onion, and chili pepper flakes.

  • Even with all the toppings, the pizza maintains a good balance of sweet and spicy.

  • Mexican chorizo is normally served during breakfast, but Domino's restaurants in Mexico offer it as a topping.

  • The Mexicana specialty pizza contains chorizo, ground beef, onions, and jalapenos.

  • The spiciness from the chorizo and jalapenos gives the pizza an extra kick.

  • Domino's Chicken Dominator pizza lives up to its name and is a favorite among locals in Bangladesh.

  • The pizza features four types of chicken: double pepper barbecue chicken, peri-peri chicken, chicken tikka, and grilled chicken rasher.

  • The bacon potato pizza in Cambodia comes with whole potato wedges as a topping.

  • The bacon is softer and cut into bigger pieces than the bacon bits topping you would find in other Domino's restaurants.

  • Other ingredients include corn, onion, mushroom, and mayonnaise.

  • Domino's Chili Crab pizza is based on a popular seafood dish from Singapore.

  • Chili crab is made with deep-fried crabs in a tomato chili sauce.

  • On the pizza, the crab meat is very tender, and the tomato chili sauce gives it a sweet and spicy flavor.

  • If you're a fan of fish, the Oslo salmon pizza may be for you.

  • The pizza doesn't have a strong fish smell but does have a bold taste of smoked salmon.

  • Other ingredients include mozzarella, cheddar, and arugula.

  • You can also choose either a tomato sauce or a sour cream base.

  • Burgers and pizza are two of the most iconic American foods, so it only makes sense that Domino's created the cheeseburger pizza to bring the two together.

  • The pizza has a ketchup-mustard sauce, American cheese, beef, onions, and diced tomatoes, and is topped with shredded provolone and cheddar cheese.

  • In France, you can order a raclette pizza, which comes with raclette cheese, potatoes, bacon, and onions.

  • Instead of tomato sauce, creme freche is used as a base for the pizza.

  • The taste is subtle, and some compare it to a cheese pizza without tomato sauce.

  • So which toppings do you want to try?

  • Are there any we missed?

  • Let us know in the comments below!

With more than 17,000 stores in 90 countries, Domino's Pizza is one of the largest fast-food chains in the world.

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What Domino's Pizza Toppings Look Like Around The World

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