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  • Oh, I couldn't wait for this.

  • Let's bring in the one and only Mike Wilbon Your sounded very, very sure of yourself in picking the Philadelphia 76 to come out of the East when the season started.

  • Mike wilbon Do you still feel that way now, sir?

  • Listen, Stephen A I said that before the trade sent James Harden the Brooklyn.

  • I'll stick with it.

  • I'm not gonna abandon my dear Chicago buddy Doc Rivers and the Sixers at this point.

  • But look, you can't watch the Brooklyn Nets without saying Hold on.

  • This is a different animal with James Harden.

  • They were just here in Phoenix last night.

  • I paid his close attention to that game is possible.

  • And you look at the Nets and you think, Okay, who has enough defense to deal with them in a seven game series?

  • I think Philly right now is the Onley team that has enough defense.

  • I know you disagree to deal with Brooklyn to slow them down a little bit to get some timely stops against them.

  • So I'm stand with Philly.

  • But I understand that James Harden and what he is doing specifically K D, is the best of those three players, but with James Harden has done as the facilitator as the point guard relieving Kyrie of that pressure.

  • But she doesn't seem to want to deal with James.

  • Harden has been brilliant, Stephen A.

  • Yes, I'm slowing my role.

  • I'm slowing my role just a little bit.

  • Mike Wilbon I want you to know your little brother right here does have videotape of you saying that about Philly after Harden arrived in Brooklyn.

  • But I won't get on you too much about it.

  • What is it gonna take in order for Philadelphia Toe beat Brooklyn come postseason time?

  • What would have toe happen?

  • Well, you don't have to happen.

  • I mean, Ben and then be they have to be great.

  • And there's none of this.

  • So this was when our early early veteran stage and we need a year.

  • No, no, no.

  • They need to be great this spring together consistently.

  • Okay, I got you.

  • I'm listening to you talk.

  • You're not going anywhere.

  • You stick around right there because I got more questions for you, Mike wilbon I got somebody else to get to.

  • A swell who was sticking out is just justus Muchas you were.

  • But before I do that, let me say this.

  • Tomorrow night we'll see the first meeting between the Nets and the Lakers this season.

  • Both teams are coming off wins last night without Kyrie and K D James Harden dropped 38 as the Nets came back from a 24 24 point deficit to beat the Phoenix Suns.

  • Meanwhile, without Anthony Davis, who had injuries to his calf, and Achilles LeBron James scored 30 in a win over Minnesota.

  • David Letterman asked LeBron about the Nets last night.

  • Is there a team that you can compare to in league history having that much offensive firepower all on the same group?

  • Um, have we forgot about Katie, Steph and Clay already?

Oh, I couldn't wait for this.

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