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  • I think we've even got a call.

  • Pitta Competition Genitalia Bank in Europa It's been a year since Marzio Tonioli picked up his camera on began taking photos that would soon be shared by international news organizations all over the world.

  • Hey was a primary school teacher in the small, quiet northern Italian town off San Fiorano, living with his daughter Bianca, and his wife, Chiara.

  • Then, on the 21st of February 2020 Italy diagnosed its first citizen with coronavirus in nearby Codogno.

  • His area became a red zone, the world's first covert.

  • Locked down outside China, he began documenting how life was changing as the virus spread through the country.

  • Italy has struggled to contain a sharp rise in infections across the north of the country.

  • Europe's worst outbreak remains in Italy.

  • The narrow streets of San Fiorano in northern Italy.

  • Coronavirus ghost town near Milan, Marceau, Tony Olo.

  • It's a primary school teacher here.

  • He was discovered by Reuters after posting intimate pictures of life inside the red zone on social media.

  • On began working as a photojournalist.

  • Back then, a lock down was unprecedented.

  • People wearing masks unusual on the words social distancing were not yet part of everyday vocabulary.

  • No one knew this would become normality across the globe.

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  • Now, a year later, the family is stuck at home in quarantine.

  • Again, the threat of coronavirus has crept into their home.

  • Chiara had contact with someone who tested positive and she's now isolating in her bedroom.

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  • Both schoolteachers Marzio on Kiara will soon receive their vaccines.

  • Onda feeling hopeful, Bianca turns four in May.

I think we've even got a call.

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