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  • All right, people.

  • It's time to check out this season's magical moments presented by Chevrolet, and we start on February 2nd.

  • Toronto vs Orlando.

  • You guys remember that this game it wasn't that long ago.

  • Fred Vanvleet absolutely went off.

  • He set the Raptors franchise record 54 points, including 11 three pointers.

  • And somehow, some way, the Bardo Rose have found a way to take out Kyle Lowry is just unnecessarily so it was completely a golf not to take away from the fact that Fred Vanvleet is an absolute Trailblazer in and of his own right.

  • Wasn't drafted.

  • Everybody thought that he was just lucky to be on the Raptors team that won the championship because Cole I was there and then co I left and then Fred Vanvleet became a bona fide score 1st, 2nd option next to Pascal Siachen.

  • We won't talk about that.

  • Got himself the bag Caroni and then the deserve it.

  • Postgame water celebration.

  • After breaking that record, I'm glad you meant everything.

  • I'm so glad you mentioned paid, but like this is the type of thing that only goes down on unequal knocks of sorts.

  • He was everything that's the most points in endgame.

  • Undrafted player in the history of the MBA buddy Hell.

  • December 23rd Nuggets vs King Kings He gets the tip in at the bunker, and then he said goodbye later.

  • You know, he downshifts like a little Camaro was like, out through.

  • That's what we're celebrating.

  • That might be Corvette speed.

  • Seen a.

  • It was immaculate.

  • I just I love her to think about this joy, which the Kings were actually kind of a fun team to watch inside.

  • They used to have Halliburton who, obviously, if it wasn't for Lemelle a ball doing his thing would be like the Marquis rookie that we're talking about, even though we are still talking about him quite a bit and not to mention the air box.

  • January 3rd Warriors taking on the Blazers Steph Curry with the shot boy fit 60 to 62 points.

  • It was an amazing game.

  • I mean, he's just a bucket can tonight.

  • I am still so tired, though, of Steph Curry having to load up the Suburban every single game like everybody in I got to go try to witness this game, which they won in the 62 career high game, but He's also had a 57 point affair, which they lost to the Mavericks and so on and so forth.

  • So yes, while individually, he is fun.

  • And obviously he's going to get his every single night.

  • He is.

  • Must see TV.

  • Help him.

  • Yes, help him.

  • It's not like he have play anymore.

  • Like they probably just take that head down to Malibu.

  • They need to for Okay, Let's talk about Rio.

  • The original mellow That is this melon.

  • He moved past Oscar Robinson Thio 12 on the all time scoring list.

  • That was February 10th of this year.

  • I'm glad that you said the original Melo because there is a fine line between, like Gen Z and Millennials.

  • Listen, mellow.

  • What do you talk about?

  • But this guy has truly been the spark.

  • Um, for the Trail Blazers.

  • Obviously CJ is gonna get his name is gonna get his, But Carmelo Anthony continues to be the spark when they need him.

  • Three to the dome.

  • If you ever needed February 6 Nuggets versus Kings.

  • The Joker the dad bod got.

  • I think that's what you like to call him Gary.

  • He scored 50 and a losing I mean I feel bad for saying this, but they lost.

  • Boy, you emphasize moving like a loser.

  • A sorry.

  • He's the most exciting athlete right now in Colorado.

  • That is certainly high praise for the Joker.

  • Trev, I feel like you guys have some of the most electric duos in the MBA.

  • Do we?

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All right, people.

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NBA best moments so far this season: Fred VanVleet, Steph Curry & Nikola Jokic go off | Hoop Streams

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