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  • In this tutorial, you'll learn some basic drawing tips.

  • How to draw shapes, resize drawings.

  • Work with layers on how to add color.

  • Use the clickable sections below to skip through the different parts.

  • Launch the procreate app on your iPad on.

  • Remember to make sure your apple pencil is sink before you start tap on the plus sign in the top right corner toe.

  • Add a new canvas and select the dimensions you want.

  • First, choose the type of brush you want to draw with by tapping on the pencil icon and then selecting a brush from the drop down.

  • Yeah, choose the color you want to draw with by tapping here on selecting a color from the wheel.

  • Change the thickness of the brush by sliding the top bar.

  • Here.

  • Slide the bottom bar to change the opacity.

  • Mhm.

  • As you start drawing, the thickness of your pencil will change depending on the amount of pressure you exert with your apple pencil on the tablet, similar to if you're using pencil on paper to erase something tapped, erase icon at the top.

  • Your pencil will now turn into a razor.

  • You can choose the brush to use for your razor in the same way as your pencil toe.

  • Undo tap with two fingers on the screen to redo tap with three fingers on the screen.

  • Here is an example of drawing and editing shapes using procreate.

  • Start by sketching a circle and then hold the pencil down for a few seconds at the end above, you'll see a lips created on, then edit shape Appear.

  • Tap here and you'll see it recognizes the shapers and ellipse waken.

  • Change this to a perfect circle by tapping here to move the circle, tap anywhere on the screen on, then drag to edit the circle, tap and drag the blue squares to change its shape.

  • Yeah, you can draw a curved lines the same way.

  • Hold down the pencil for a second at the end of the curve until it recognizes the shape.

  • Tap, edit shape and then change the curve as you wish.

  • Oh, change the size of your drawing by tapping the cursor icon here.

  • The whole drawing will now be highlighted to move the image, tap and drag on the screen to make the image bigger or smaller, Tap with two fingers on the screen and pull them together or spread them apart.

  • To select a part of the drawing, tap the S icon at the top.

  • Draw around what you want to select, and then tap the arrow icon to resize the image to zoom into a certain part of the campus.

  • When drawing, tap the pen or pencil icon to go into drawing mode.

  • Tap with two fingers and pinched together or spread apart to zoom in and out.

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • Layers separate different parts of your image.

  • Click on the layers icon.

  • Here.

  • You'll see the background color is a layer here and are drawing is on layer one.

  • Tap on the check mark next to a layer toe hide or on hide it toe.

  • Add a new layer.

  • Tap the plus icon here to change the opacity of a layer tap with two fingers on the layer.

  • You want to change, then tap and drag from right to left on the screen.

  • We'll set this to about 50% to color in sections.

  • First, choose the color you want from the color wheel here chapter circle here and then drag and drop in the area of the drawing.

  • You want to be filled to zoom in and out.

  • Use the pinching method with two fingers on the screen.

  • This'll make it easier to choose smaller areas to color to change the color of the background.

  • Tap on the layers icon at the top and then tap on the background.

  • Ah, color wheel will appear.

  • Choose the color you want on.

  • It will be changed instantly.

  • You can find and use the same exact colors is what's already in your drawing.

  • By using the color, find it all double tap and hold on the square on the left hand side of the screen with your finger.

  • Then drag across the image with your pen and hover over the part you want to find the color.

  • Four.

  • Mhm toe.

  • Add shading on top of color.

  • Tap the layers icon and then tap on the color layer.

  • Select Alfa Lock from the pop up menu.

  • This will let you at shading on top of the color.

In this tutorial, you'll learn some basic drawing tips.

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