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  • This is the moment South Africa's first coronavirus vaccine was administered.

  • Yes, nurses at least were giddy.

  • Goc was the first in the country to be inoculated alongside other health workers, and President Cyril Ram, a poser for him.

  • That shots are now going into arms will be a relief.

  • His government was criticized by health experts over a perceived lack of preparation for mass vaccinations.

  • Theun data revealed that the AstraZeneca vaccine at the heart of South Africa's planned immunization drive only offered minimal protection against mild to moderate infection by a variant that was driving the second wave of covert 19 in South Africa.

  • That prompted a switch to Johnson Johnson's vaccine, the first batch of which arrived on Tuesday night.

  • Rome opposes, said on Wednesday that 80,000 J and J doses were being prepared for distribution across the country.

  • It's being deployed for the first time outside a major clinical trial as part of a research study targeting 500,000 healthcare workers.

  • The decision to suspend the AstraZeneca rollout has added to skepticism among some South Africans about covert 19 vaccines.

  • Rama Poser said he was getting inoculated on the first day of the program to demonstrate his government's confidence in the Gen J doses.

  • Authorities in South Africa have recorded nearly half of the continent's covert 19 deaths and over a third of its confirmed infections.

  • It's now one of the first nations in Africa start vaccinations alongside Egypt, Morocco and Rwanda Yeah.

This is the moment South Africa's first coronavirus vaccine was administered.

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