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  • That's all it was.

  • That's all it was. Was a dream.

  • Something special's about to happen.

  • My boy get three hairs, he get nervous.

  • Yeah, I can't be, you know, looking like I'm 21.

  • -True. -Gotta keep that 18 feel.

  • -You know what I mean? -That 18 feel. No diggity.

  • My son was a very smart kid.

  • He was already writing since elementary.

  • I was initially trying to groom Chris to be a jazz artist

  • because he was so talented.

  • Every summer, Chris'd come back from Jamaica.

  • He would be a sponge

  • to just so much more that was outside of our scope.

  • He was like, "I gotta get us off the streets."

  • Dream

  • I'm just trying to rip the hardest rhymes.

  • A lot of the bad decisions came from wanting to provide.

  • He told me he was working. I believed him.

  • You wanna do this, I need you to commit to this.

  • Plenty of dough.

  • You know, you can't do both.

  • He disrespected my house.

  • That wasn't my son.

  • Dream

  • You don't understand, man.

  • Having to sell drugs on the corner, to this?

  • Biggie is the hottest thing smoking right now.

  • Your boy had to get right in the Coogies.

  • -All the time. -Where we at, y'all?

  • -Where we at? -We in Detroit!

  • We in Detroit.

  • Biggie blew up overnight.

  • You have no origins

  • for what rap planet this guy came from.

  • What's up, son?

  • I was happy that he was making something with his life.

  • Peace and love.

  • Big had a gift of talent

  • that saved a lot of people's lives but his.

  • We're just gonna do our thing forever.

  • Forever and ever.

  • And if you don't know Now you know

That's all it was.

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Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell | Official Trailer | Netflix

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