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this is your last chance
battle me
or die
Screw you
you big black cunt
I'll kick your balls and your face
a war on two fronts
the Führer will crush the Dark Side
like a rap Apartheid
I put the germ
in the Germany
I'm sick on this mic
I beat you twice you sellout
now you bow down to Mickey Mouse
you call yourself a Dark Lord?
you couldn't even conquer Space Mountain
you're just a sad asthmatic robot freak
who needs some loving
well I baked you something
pop into my oven
Let me paint you a picture son
portrait of a bitch
after World War I
you were stirring up the fears
of the German people
telling the world
that the Jews are evil
you wrote a little book
got'em fired up
had a Beer Hall Putsch
got'em fired up
but when your bunker started getting
fired up
you put a gun in your mouth and
fired up
you dumb mother fucker
didn't Napoleon let you know?
when you conquer Russia
better pack some fucking winter clothes
while you're fighting off Valkyrie
I got a million clones
they die for me
my bounty hunters ride for me
yo homeboy
finish this rhyme for me
They call me Boba Fett
you wanna mess with me?
I'll put my balls in your mouth
like boba tea
I got a jet pack yo
you know I steal the show
cause when I rock a microphone
Oh sieg hell no
you're not going to cheat me
mister sunglasses all the time
I'll take you
and your new boyfriend Goofy
and all your spermy soldier guys
and throw you in a butthole in the sand
I am Adolf
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[TRANSLATED] Vader vs Hitler 3. Epic Rap Battles of History. [CC]

4272 Folder Collection
姚易辰 published on July 17, 2014
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