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  • Adam, bring us up to speed.

  • What Lord today?

  • Their president, Jaime Roots, resigned, effective immediately.

  • And I think anytime there's any news with the Houston Texans, people want to know, How does this impact or read out with Shawn Watson?

  • And I think the issue here is that there are people in that organization in and around the league who have questions about the direction of that franchise.

  • Jamie Roots clearly was one off them.

  • He was a part of the search process that basically blacked him out and discounted and ignored the words of the search firm that the organization paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for and in the end went with Nick Osario, who obviously is a qualified candidate.

  • No issue with Nick Osario.

  • It's the way the organization ran the search and ultimately moved in the end.

  • I think Jamie Roots was uncomfortable with that.

  • He was uncomfortable with the direction of the franchise and ultimately after 20 years with the organization in which he made all their big business decisions, he decided to resign from his post, which I think is a reflection off the way that some people in that organization and some people around the league view that spot right now.

  • Yeah, we'll continue to be all over this.

  • Adam Schefter with us for the remainder of the our Hall of Famer Jim Brown actually joining us as well, later with his thoughts on what's going on with the Texans.

  • Ryan, we start with you.

  • How much of the events of the last 3 to 4 weeks they're going to affect the Sean Watson's decisions going forward.

  • I think it has to affect the Shawn Watson.

  • We're talking about people who have been involved in this organization for two decades, who no longer want to be a part of what the Houston Texans are doing.

  • And you know what 2020 has been?

  • You know what life has been like during a pandemic?

  • People aren't just giving up jobs in 2021 but that's what Jamie Roots did, he said.

  • You know what?

  • The way that things are working here, this continued dysfunction.

  • I can no longer be a part of it.

  • I've given tons of my life to this organization, dedicated my time, my efforts, my heart to making this organization work, and I am not not satisfied with its direction.

  • And so for the Shawn Watson, this is just another step.

  • This is just another reason why you don't want to be there, why you don't want to be a part of an organization that lied to you, and that continues to trend in the downward direction.

  • This is a bad sign for the Houston Texans, and Nick Osario better come around sooner than later toe understanding that DeShaun Watson won't be his quarterback in 2021.

  • You know, it's unfortunate that they're in this situation, but look, every since the former general manager and Rick Smith decided to step aside due to some situations and issues with his family and his wife, you gotta understand that this organization has not been the same.

  • He drafted to shine Watson.

  • He built a playoff contender alongside Gary Kubiak and then alongside Bill O'Brien.

  • But yet, and still you now have common there, and Jack Easterby, for whatever reason, kind of running the organization.

  • And what I've always said Laura is, Look, when you're handed something and you don't really earn that, and this is Kyle McNair.

  • He was handed this football team from his late dad, Bob McNair.

  • He took over.

  • He is a non football guy doing football things.

  • Thistle is not Stephen Jones taking over for Jerry.

  • Stephen Jones is a football guy, played the game and has been making moves for years alongside his dad.

  • This is something totally different.

  • So this is what you get.

  • You get a guy thinking he's running a restaurant, a car dealership, a hotel?

  • No, this is a billion dollar football organization.

  • His folks.

  • Yeah, key, Absolutely right.

  • Hit the nail on the head.

  • I want to take it another direction, Um, with this conversation, because when you look at what happened today with with Jamie resigning, you realize that this may be the tipping point.

  • This may be just the beginning, and we're starting to see the remnants of things that's been transpiring throughout this organization for a while.

  • And then I get to the Shawn Watson because obviously that's where you go next.

  • I want to just tell everybody out there.

  • This is not the Sean Watson's M o D.

  • Shawn Watson is not a yes man.

  • He's a critical thinker, thinks for itself, understands all of the situations and scenarios that can play out how he's handling this situation with the Houston Texans.

  • Trust me, when I tell you all this, it had to be bad for the Shawn Watson to go against the apple cart.

  • It had to be something going on more than what we know.

  • Just a normal story about the wanting to get out of Houston.

  • It's more than that, and we're starting to see these things transpire.

  • I think we talked.

  • We talked about when they released the PR lady.

  • I can't remember name Please forgive me, but I see me, Amy Panel stick everybody, Everybody that knew her.

  • Their response was shocked.

  • Like what?

  • What would happen?

  • So you start to Qi's point.

  • Rick Smith leaving to Rand's point, Andre Johnson came out.

  • Look, Andre Johnson was synonymous with the Houston Texans.

  • He was the guy like the quietest dude, but also represented the organization and the franchise as an elite player.

  • For him to come out and tell the shell Watson, yeah, you're doing the right thing.

  • Y'all This is the beginning, I believe of us finding out things that have been transpiring with the Houston Texans.

  • Yeah, remember when Andre Johnson sent out that tweet?

  • DeAndre Hopkins said, Hey, When Andre talks, you listen.

  • So former players really calling attention to that?

  • Let's bring Adam back in.

  • Because Adam last week the Texans also fired their vice president of football operations there, a director of football administration and their equipment manager and then all of his step.

  • It just feels like, Ah, mass exodus, either people leaving on their own or getting fired.

  • You heard Marcus say.

  • It feels like we're at the tipping point, the boiling point here.

  • Do you get that sense?

  • Well, And last week, when they made the changes, one of them included the head of the equipment staff, Mike Parson, who was very close to the Shawn Watson.

  • And I can't imagine that that move sat particularly well with the Shawn Watson.

  • And so what we're seeing here, basically, is a cleansing of the organization, almost where the people in charge are now going through and basically sticking with Onley, the people they want.

  • Now we see this with a lot of organizations, but what's peculiar here is that these air, some longtime employees who have been there for a very long period and they are being shown the door or they wanna leave on their own and is one person connected to the organization said to me, How are free agents gonna come to Houston unless someone over place thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content subscribed to ESPN, plus.

Adam, bring us up to speed.

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Houston Texans president resigns, what does that mean for the team now? | NFL Live

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