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  • Here's how to use Google hangouts.

  • Use the clickable sections below to skip through different parts of this tutorial.

  • First, log into your Google account.

  • Click on the dotted square icon in the top right corner and select the hangouts app from the drop down.

  • You can also find hangouts within your Gmail.

  • In this area, you'll find a hang out functions where you can start conversations and speak to others.

  • You can go straight to hangouts by going toe hangouts dot google dot com In your Web browser, click on message and then type in the email address or phone number.

  • You can also type their name.

  • If you've already used their contact before a chat window will appear.

  • Type your message here on, then enter to send.

  • If you want to add more people to the chat, click the group icon here.

  • You can also attach photos to your message by clicking the image icon here on selecting your file.

  • Yeah, to create a group chat, click here and then add the contacts you want.

  • Click on the phone call icon on a message window will appear with your currency sign.

  • This indicates how much credit you have on your account In case you want to make calls outside the U.

  • S or Canada to find out what your Google phone number is, click the plus icon.

  • You'll be able to choose an available number for your region.

  • Type of U.

  • S or Canadian number in the Contacts bar and click Call A window will appear.

  • If the call is connecting, it'll say Free to confirm that the call won't cost you.

  • If the person answers, you'll be able to hear them and it will say in cool.

  • You can change your microphone input for the call by going to the settings button and selecting your mike.

  • To mute yourself, click the microphone icon toe end the cool click the red hang up button.

  • Google recently took video calling off of Google hangouts.

  • If you want to do video calls via Google, you'll have to use Google meat.

  • You can use Google meet fire your browser on desktop or on your mobile app.

  • Select meat from your Google APS dropped down to launch.

  • To start a video call, click on new meeting on start an instant meeting, and you should see yourself appear.

  • Click join meeting to start the call and under add others.

  • Click.

  • Add people and type in the contacts you want to invite.

  • Yeah, if they accept to join the call, you'll see them appear mhm.

  • You can turn off your own video by clicking the video icon to meet yourself.

  • Click on the microphone icon.

  • Send everyone on the call of message by clicking on the chat icon and typing to invite more people during the cool.

  • Use the invite icon here on Type their contact toe.

  • Hang up.

  • Press the red icon.

  • If you'd like to share your screen during a video call, click on present.

  • Now you will be given options of how you want to share your screen.

  • You can show everything on your screen or choose to restrict it to a window or tab.

  • Select the window and click share mhm, launched the hangouts application and tap get started.

  • Log into a Gmail account and tap the check mark to start using hangouts.

  • It'll ask if you want to enable notifications.

  • Click OK and then allow if you're happy to receive them.

  • When you called a messaged to send a message, go to the message tab and tap the green plus icon.

  • Enter the email in the search bar on, then tap the contact below, Type your message and press the green icon descend.

  • You can also attach images or add stickers here to turn your message into a group chat and invite more people.

  • Click on the three dots icon and select people from the drop down.

  • You'll see who's already able to see your messages tap, create group with your contact and then add the contact you want.

  • You can name your group here.

  • Tap the check mark.

  • I can't to send the invite to join Mhm.

  • To make a phone call, tapped the call tab and then the green circle icon.

  • Type in a phone number here, or tap the contacts icon to select one saved on your phone.

  • Tap the call icon to start dialing.

  • Mhm.

  • Launch the Google.

  • Meet up on your device and make sure you're logged into your Google account.

  • To start a video meeting, tap new meeting on start an instant meeting, invite others to the call by tapping share invite to send them a link or click on the three dots icon on select add others on, then share joining info If you contact clicks on the link to join, you'll see them appear to meet yourself.

  • Tap here or turn off your video by tapping here.

  • You can adjust your volume by selecting the volume icon on adjusting Thio.

  • Flip your camera the other way.

  • Tap here Mhm to send messages to everyone on your call.

  • Start the chap by selecting the three dots icon on select in call messages.

  • Thai con on select share screen from the menu toe hang up, Tap the red icon.

Here's how to use Google hangouts.

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How To Use Google Hangouts

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