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  • did you do it?

  • Did I?

  • My gosh, you're not asking what I'm asking is did you fabricate earnings for the analysts and either knowingly or accidentally put me in this spot?

  • Did you do that?

  • If you did, are you still looking even at this moment for a way to handle it?

  • And me without telling me you committed a criminal act that way?

  • Just easy.

  • This ground we're stepping on here is wall to wall minefields, for God's sakes.

  • You're a crook.

  • What exactly did you do?

  • I did what everybody who does business in the Mideast does.

  • Who is not Microsoft or selling something indispensable.

  • You pay a toll in the Mideast, no matter what the country is.

  • If you want to sell in Egypt, you go there.

  • You read an office stop as shouting.

  • I don't hear you when you do that, ever.

  • Never, ever.

  • You go there, rent an office, it's hard not to yell.

  • You go there and you bribe an Egyptian.

  • That is what I did Like everybody does.

  • I bribed an Egyptian.

  • We know pissing in the street is against the law.

  • This is spitting in the street.

  • This is we.

  • I didn't think that it would ever touch you.

  • And I wish that I could somehow express out what is happening to you is the most wrenching experience of my life.

  • And it's not just emotional, it's physical.

  • It hurts in a profound deep way.

  • My muscles, my skin.

  • Like those side effects I got from laboratory.

  • Mhm.

  • I am anguishing in every way because of what we're going through.

  • E Just stop, you damn narcissist!

  • No, you don't.

  • You can't cry, you ethical mutant.

  • Better pace yourself, son Gets worse.

  • Yeah.

did you do it?

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