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  • Of course, when you tell someone we can all just eat crickets, you'll probably hear crickets.

  • But this could be the next big thing in culinary science.

  • Experts say that if you're toast had cricket flour, your smoothie had locust powder, your eggs had caterpillar fat and your bacon was made of mealworms.

  • You'd be getting mawr, iron protein and vitamins than the breakfast you currently want to eat.

  • So it's time to feast on some new info concerning crispy, crunchy crickets and meal time.

  • For many, it's the stuff of nightmares.

  • But keep an open mind.

  • This could be your dinner tonight.

  • Thats been.

  • We'll have about six flowers and crickets.

  • Joe Wise is the managing director at Monk Field.

  • They've been growing thes is live pet feed for years.

  • Now they're expanding, becoming the first in Britain to produce insects for human consumption.

  • At an industrial scale, you're getting a at least a kilo, plus a protein from that been, the average steak has 25 g of protein.

  • That's more than 40 stakes in each of these bins, so Joe's hoping that people will look at the nutritional value instead of looking away.

  • But there are other pluses.

  • Emissions wise there, as eco friendly as it gets, they take up very little space, and they grow really, really fast.

  • They're ready for harvest four weeks after they hatch there, then frozen, washed thoroughly, put in a microwave, heated to boiling temperatures, killing any bacteria.

  • And they're good to go, but still hard to say, their mouth watering.

  • This is never gonna look as appetizing and say a steak.

  • But what we need now is some really good chefs on food.

  • Scientists to get behind the product makes some really tasty dishes.

  • That's exactly what chef Marta Ortiz is trying to do.

  • She's been slowly introducing insect dishes into the menu at L.

  • A Kanta, her upmarket Mexican restaurant in London.

  • Like the guacamole nationalist decorated with a golden grass hopper.

  • Even the cracking, you know, it's something so wonderful.

  • What do her customers think?

  • They love it.

  • They They asked for more, you know they want more.

  • They want to try it.

  • They say this is magnificent.

  • This is the list shows.

  • But try one.

  • You will get in love with them.

  • I'm sure things is a bit scary.

  • No.

  • Yeah.

  • I'm not sure I love them.

  • just yet.

  • The good chef can make anything taste delicious.

  • But the big question is with these on sale here in the UK Are people in the West ready to eat them?

  • Never had it before.

  • Don't intend toe have it now.

  • Probably never will have it.

  • So some people say crickets like these are the food of the future, are they?

  • That's lovely.

  • Thank you.

  • Oh, my God.

  • It looks like a cricket as well.

  • It's just like crisps, John.

  • It's like Christmas.

  • Good, bad, bad.

  • Yeah, taste better than it looks, that's for sure.

Of course, when you tell someone we can all just eat crickets, you'll probably hear crickets.

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What's For Dinner? Insects.

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