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  • All of us at ESPN today are working with heavy hearts.

  • You know, we're a family here at ESPN, a big family, and our family is mourning the loss of a friend and a colleague.

  • Pedro Gomez died unexpectedly yesterday in his home.

  • Pedro covered baseball for ESPN.

  • For all of our studio shows, all kinds of live events, all kinds of work on ESPN Radio got a 35 year career covered more than 25 world Siri's more than 20 All Star games.

  • He always said his favorite moment was covering Game six of the 2003 NLCS is the famous Steve Bartman game when Bartman, the fan in Chicago, tried to catch a foul ball over Moises Alou, and then the Marlins scored eight runs, and they forced a Game seven of that.

  • Siri's the chairman of our company of ESPN, Jimmy Petar, released a statement in which he said Pedro was an elite journalists at the highest level and his professional accomplishments a universally recognized.

  • More importantly, Pedro is a kind dear friend to us all.

  • Our hearts are with Pedro's family and all who love him at this extraordinarily difficult time.

  • I think that's the way all of us air feeling today.

  • He was an extremely kind man and an extraordinary professional.

  • He is survived by his wife, Sandra.

  • His sons Rio and Dante, and his daughter, Sierra.

  • Rio is a pitcher.

  • The Red Sox organization that team tweeted quote.

  • Our hearts go out to the Gomez family.

  • All of us at ESPN are thinking about Pedro's family today.

  • He was 58 years old.

  • I've known Pedro, I guess almost as long as I've been in the ESPN.

  • He was a magnificent reporter, primarily focusing on baseball, but covered any number of things for us extraordinarily well.

  • He was on Mike and Michael the time covering all the big baseball stories, always doing it with great panache.

  • She was a classy, really smart, really interesting intellectual person, loved baseball.

  • His parents came here from Cuba.

  • That was an incredibly important part of his life.

  • I remember vividly him coming on when they went down and played those baseball games in Cuba, and he talked about how much that meant to him and to his family.

  • He brought his father's ashes to Cuba to bury them there because his parents had fled and I could talk about him all day.

  • He was just a very nice, very smart man who did an extraordinarily good job here.

  • And I know that this is one of those over stated phrases that you will hear when someone dies.

  • But you're not gonna find anybody who had a bad word about Pedro.

  • You would not have found anyone on Saturday who had a bad thing to say about Pedro.

  • So our thoughts are with his family, with his wife, with his kids, with everybody who loved him.

  • I know the people who cover baseball in particular today are feeling it.

  • It's a hard day.

  • It's a hard day for all of us at ESPN to come to work, to lose someone like Pedro that's suddenly in that unexpectedly, the rest in peace, my friend.

  • Thank you for all the insight and all the laughs that you brought my shows over the years and again, my thoughts are with his family.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

All of us at ESPN today are working with heavy hearts.

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