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  • the Berlin Wall was a physical and symbolic barrier between democracy and communism.

  • It had stood since August of 1961 when residents of Berlin woke up one morning to find a dividing line built a barbed wire and cinder blocks.

  • It was eventually fortified with concrete armed guards electric fences, and it would take almost three decades for the winds of change to bring it down.

  • Theo Iconic moment the Berlin Wall came down is an image the world will not soon forget, you know, Yeah.

  • For 28 years, the wall had been dividing a city and a nation becoming a symbol of East West divisions during the Cold War.

  • So what led to this 12 ft high, 27 mile long wall being built?

  • Hey, Don, Hey, Don Lord.

  • After Germany's defeat in World War Two, the country was divided into four zones of occupation, and Berlin was also divided into East and West territory.

  • The United States, France and Britain took West Germany in the western sectors of Berlin in the Soviet zone, became East Germany and East Berlin.

  • West Germany became a democracy, while East Germany was a communist country aligned with the Soviet Union between 1949 and 1961.

  • Almost three million East Germans escaped to the West to prevent more people from fleeing the Soviet rule.

  • The East German Communist Party closed the border in Berlin and built a wall.

  • So in the 19 sixties, the wall was built for the opposite reason.

  • Most are instead of trying to keep people out.

  • This wall was built to keep people in.

  • At least 140 people were killed at the Berlin Wall trying to escape East Germany.

  • High profile people spoke out like US President John F.

  • Kennedy, who delivered his famous speech in West Berlin.

  • S B I b Lena.

  • The wall became a symbol of democracy versus communism.

  • People came from all over the world to protest that division.

  • Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall.

  • 1989 large demonstrations began in various East German cities.

  • People want to change.

  • This wall will fall, for it, cannot withstand faith.

  • It cannot withstand truth.

  • The wall cannot withstand freedom.

  • In October of 1989 the Communist Party chief perish.

  • Monica was ousted and replaced by Egon Krenz.

  • Although reforms were announced, including travel rights, it was too late.

  • On November 9th, 1989 the East German government mistakenly announced that travel restrictions for East Germans had been lifted effective immediately.

  • Thousands appeared at border crossings and east Berlin, demanding to be let through even without orders.

  • The border guards eventually opened the gates.

  • In the following months, tens of thousands of Germans literally tor down the wall, piece by piece by hand using their fists, pick axes, sledgehammers and shovels.

  • Streets and crossing points opened, and tens of thousands of people crossed into the west of Berlin for the first time.

  • E one freedom and ultimately a unified Germany emerged from the bitter Cold War that had separated Berlin for decades.

  • In 1990 Germany, officially reunified under the Federal Republic of Germany, few parts of the wall still exist today.

  • Tourists from around the world come to see these pieces of history.

  • Yet this dark chapter of German division is not forgot.

the Berlin Wall was a physical and symbolic barrier between democracy and communism.

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