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  • So I think the initial feeling coming out of that game and understandably, was, well, you can't blame the homes.

  • He was under siege.

  • He did everything he could possibly do.

  • But then I had a conversation on the radio yesterday with Howie Long, and as the day went on, I started to get a sense and Jeff Saturday pick up this thought.

  • Maybe there were some things he and the Kansas City coaching staff could have done that might have changed the outcome, and they just wouldn't do it.

  • What is it?

  • Yeah, they should have changed their game plan in the half, like you saw him come out of half greeny and all of a sudden they decided to run the ball and they're effective Runs right when you have two high safeties and they're playing to man a bunch underneath there, forcing you toe to run the football, and it's like they wouldn't get out of their own way.

  • And let me tell you, from high producing offenses I played on my whole career 14 years we led the league, or what close to be on the top of league in offense when you come to the sidelines after taking field goals or punch the pressure.

  • You feel greeny as you walk over there.

  • There's no continuity, right?

  • All of a sudden you start asking Hey, man, where you open?

  • What were you doing?

  • The lines looking at each other.

  • Hey, did you get your guy?

  • Hey, is Patrick throwing the ball on time?

  • Is he getting the ball out?

  • Everybody asked those questions, and Mahomes actually said in this press conference, I didn't get the ball out on time.

  • I didn't know the routes receivers, we're gonna run the line didn't do a great job.

  • All of those things could have been solved had they done what the defense was providing them.

  • That's run the football.

  • And then you find rhythm in your offense.

  • You bring that safety down.

  • You make sure they can't stay too high like they did.

  • But I felt like the Chiefs went in and we're stubborn with their game plan.

  • And ultimately that cost them.

  • Because, listen, you played into the Buccaneers into their hands into their defensive scheme and thought process.

  • Let the front four rush let the seven drop back and then use the team speed to come down and smother him.

  • But I'm just telling you, greeny, like the pressure you put on yourself as an offense that has carried this football team for really two years, and all of a sudden nothing's working and everybody's pointing fingers.

  • It becomes really difficult to dig yourself out of that hole, you know, markets.

  • And so it's an interesting thought because we talked all last week.

  • You have to pick your poison with the Chiefs, pick your poison, and then they just shut them down completely.

  • And the answer Jeff is telling us, and I want to hear your perspective as a defensive player is take the check down, run the football force.

  • The Buchan used to come out of what they were doing, and for whatever reason, the Chiefs never really gave that a try.

  • They never did G.

  • And it was arrogance.

  • I like what Jeff is talking about.

  • It was just Kansas City Chiefs arrogance.

  • They thought that this thing would just turn into what normally happens for them.

  • They would get behind, figure it out and be able to go bombs away and score touchdowns and win the Super Bowl.

  • But look, I love what Jeff said.

  • I'm not getting in the scheme.

  • I know Jeff Saturday is gonna love what I'm about to say.

  • The line of scrimmage mattered and the line of scrimmage There was a distinct advantage in this football game on both sides.

  • I know we get enamored with the rich and the pressures on Patrick Mahomes.

  • But when Tampa Bay brought in that extra linemen, and when Gronk was sealing the edges for Linda Foreign Aid and Ronald Jones to get around them, that's when I knew the Kansas City Chiefs were in trouble.

  • Look, we could talk, scheme all we want if you can't block and if you can't run you not winning football games.

  • And I feel so stupid because because Graz is only that he took the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and all of my football acumen for years told my crazy self to sit on that stage and take the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in this football game, knowing what that line of scrimmage look like.

  • I got enamored with Patrick Mahomes and the passing game and how explosive they are and the things that I had seen the Chiefs do and I forgot my roots and I want to personally apologize Saturday, being another lineman on this show for not following what I know about football.

  • And the bottom line is this.

  • You can put all the track stars you wanna put out there.

  • You could put the best quarterback you wanna put out there if you drop a piece of meat in the middle of Lions and that ain't nobody else to protect them, that piece of meat gonna get eight broke.

  • And that's what happened to Patrick Mahomes.

  • We could look at Patrick Mahomes interview.

  • It looked like he had been hit by a bear after that game.

  • That's exactly probably, that's exactly how he felt.

  • Man, that's reasonable again.

  • Clyde Edwards, aware when he ran it was effective.

  • He only had nine carries in the game, and I get that.

  • It turns into a blowout in the second half, but there was plenty of time to try and establish that Graziano.

  • I know you would have thought, Go ahead.

  • Well, just too many offensive line injuries, right?

  • I mean, Duvernay Tardif opt out at the beginning of the year.

  • They survived that Mitchell Schwartz gets hurt early in the year they survived that Eric Fisher getting hurt in the A F C championship game was the breaking point and swag.

  • Ooh, I did not think the Chiefs were only gonna score nine points because that offensive line I thought it might make the difference in a close game.

  • So I really thought Mahomes would overcome it as well.

  • But yeah, I think that's what that's what ended up doing it.

  • They just couldn't get into anything because he was running immediately as soon as he got the ball.

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So I think the initial feeling coming out of that game and understandably, was, well, you can't blame the homes.

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