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  • it's unlikely that he will catch Tom Brady because it's like as though LeBron lost that Siris in Dallas to Michael Jordan.

  • Then how it, like, you know?

  • But if LeBron re matched Jordan and beat him and LeBron and LeBron went on to win five or six championships, he would have a generation of people saying he's better than Jordan.

  • It's not happening.

  • Not giving.

  • Let me throw a different kind of analogy there, Max.

  • Um, in 2000 and two, my man will pack a producer.

  • Extraordinary, huge, huge Tampa Bay fan.

  • And what have you he just text me a few minutes ago.

  • Here's the deal.

  • When you look at what what think about what Tampa did in 2000 and two.

  • They go out, they go all in, they go out and they get Jon Gruden.

  • All right, that's one parallel.

  • Then they go and they beat the Eagles.

  • I was at that game the coldest game I've ever been to Had to cover that game for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

  • I had I looked like I was £300 on the snorkels and everything that I had on it was ridiculous.

  • Okay, alright.

  • They finally beat the Eagles.

  • They got over the hump, and more importantly, they were distractions along the way.

  • If you recall when they beat that one, that Super Bowl against the Raiders.

  • Barret Robbins, he sits up there.

  • He's upset that the coach Bill Callahan, you know, decided to toe game plan and go away from the power running game, which, to him, was his bread and butter.

  • That's how he became a Pro Bowl center and what have you?

  • He was destroyed.

  • This press, leave the hotel, go out, get drunk, do drugs, prostitutes and all of the all types of stuff.

  • It was crazy what he did, and they couldn't find them for the Super Bowl.

  • Okay, so they all pro center was gone.

  • All right, what happens this time around?

  • Andy Reid with his son.

  • That news comes up that's percolating Super Bowl weeks.

  • The parallels cannot be denied, but guess what we still remember.

  • Jon Gruden had to winning seasons in his last six in his last six years in the six years in Tampa Bay, right?

  • That was a Super Bowl championship season.

  • Ever since then, they had no success, but John Route Gruden leaves, is in the Monday Night Football booth and is relevant to this day because of what they were able to do with that one Super Bowl.

  • And that's a coach.

  • So can you imagine what this is going to do for Tom Brady, who had six rings before he walked my point on and then and now do this?

  • My point is untouchable.

  • My point.

  • My point is you're right.

  • That's why, in terms of being unlikely, which is why I brought up Babe Ruth 100 years later, people still think he's the greatest.

  • Probably WAAS Um, Sugar Ray Robinson.

  • It's been 60 70 years.

  • He's still the greatest.

  • And 60 or 70 years from now we may still be saying that about Brady.

  • But I will remind you LeBron James was out of the conversation permanently after the loss in Dallas, and he got his way back in.

  • So so if Mahomes winds up beating Brady at some point down the road and winds up with five Super Bowls or something like that will be in the conversation.

  • Why don't you just quit?

  • Why don't you just quit first?

  • Take right now, you've been raving about Jordan being the greatest as have I.

  • In other words, we don't leave wrong.

  • That's what s So why are you saying that?

  • We don't believe it because I'm addressing your point, your point about what people will remember.

  • You're saying it's disqualifying because he lost his head and people will forget the details.

  • But those same people have embraced LeBron.

  • Many off them most people would raise two people who embrace LeBron weren't born when Jordan was playing will be in the conversation that could work into Brady, just like LeBron's in the conversation as second to Michael Jordan.

  • That's fax man.

  • Well, I would say this Jordan, if Mahomes is Peak, is considered higher than Brady's.

  • As an individual performer, he doesn't need to catch him with numbers of Super Bowls, so long as he's competitive there.

  • If he has a handful of Super Bowl wins, and at some point he's gonna have to beat Brady head the head, the fact that his peak will be perceived as higher could push him over the top.

  • No, no, no.

  • This is not in football in team sports when it comes to all time greats, whether you like it or not, they are going to be measured at the quarterback position by how many Super Bowls they win.

  • We talk about Aaron Rodgers all the time, is one of the most talented ever.

  • But one of the questions, if not the biggest question tied to him, is why has he only one won, no matter how the talent or how remarkable his statistics have been, that will be the same.

  • Bradshaw.

  • Not gonna bring that cannon for an arm.

  • No one ever calls him the greatest of all time, and no one did back then, either.

  • Max.

  • The only reason is because Terry Bradshaw respectfully played over like 40 plus years ago.

  • Bud like, Ah, lot of people that talk about sports weren't alive then.

  • Johnny Unite has had that title for a long eight year Olds.

  • Max.

  • He will not catch Tom.

  • Tom has seven Super Bowls.

  • He has to win six more to even get into the conversation.

  • In an era where the salary cap is going to continue to be fought, no one is going to do what Tom did and take way that Tom did that.

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it's unlikely that he will catch Tom Brady because it's like as though LeBron lost that Siris in Dallas to Michael Jordan.

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Mahomes losing to Brady is like LeBron losing to Michael Jordan – Max Kellerman | First Take

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