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  • what impresses you the most about this whole story?

  • Susie, If it's okay, I just two things.

  • One.

  • Probably his greatest accomplishment is this season of his whole career.

  • To come to a new team in a new place.

  • He could have easily been ceremonial helicopters flying over his house.

  • How does he draw those new teammates into him?

  • To him To trust him, to develop that so quickly, bug.

  • And to me, there's a There's a there's all kinds of things, lessons in there and how he does that to develop a sense of love and respect really quickly.

  • And the second thing is Reggie White.

  • Whenever he sacked me, he would grab me and then go to the ground and then he'd wanna talk.

  • Hey, how you doing?

  • How's it going on?

  • Doesn't talk to you in a long time.

  • My point being that Reggie would could be in the heat of the competition and then in a splash, he was a friend, and to me, that's the greatest thing about Tom Brady is that he could be fixated on excellence like maniacal fixation and yet have a fulsome family life, something that he could put on one pair of shoes here and put on another pair of shoes there.

  • And it's a great example for all of us how to be more spiritually, emotionally athletic, be excellent and still be grated multiple things.

  • Um, I just you can't say enough, but I think to the rudeness of who Tom Brady is to me is a lesson for all of us.

  • We can learn from what he's done.

  • It's really a miraculous thing.

  • Well, and I think that piece just humanizing and you talk about him being a dad, and as soon as the game's over, he's going up trying to find his son.

  • And to me, that shows everyone.

  • Yeah, he's this bigger than life figure, but he's still just the person he puts his pants on one leg of the time, and ultimately, there's been a lot of goat talk this week.

  • Big goats, little goats.

  • To me, there's only one goat.

  • If you're the greatest of all time, there's only one.

  • And for Tom Brady, I think he's already there.

  • I think he's the greatest of all time.

  • So what's gonna motivate him to come out and keep planning?

  • I think inside him.

  • He wants to make sure make sure that he leaves no doubt that regardless of any situation, regardless of anything, regardless of however, we want to quantify, he's the greatest of all time in his mind.

  • Even though we already think he's fixated on that.

  • I think he's fixated on proven everyone wrong steel.

  • I believe that.

  • I don't think he I think everybody wants to be the great all that stuff is, but actually what is your North Star?

  • I don't think that's what he's, really.

  • I don't post down there, just enjoying.

  • He enjoys it.

  • He does.

  • He loves football.

  • That's the whole reason.

  • But he has talk to us during the season that it's still It bothers him that he was picked 1 99 people didn't believe he belonged in the league, and he said at the time, I'm sticking around longer than anybody else ever did because they didn't even think I belong.

  • Look, there's something unnatural.

  • There's like it's not in a bad way.

  • It's like he has a fixation on that issue.

  • Yes, in a way that competitive, it's unnatural, but in a really positive way.

  • It just to me it's that competitive thing there are people that if he doesn't win the Super Bowl tonight, they'll say, Ah ha, you couldn't do it without Bill.

  • Somebody will say that somewhere.

  • And so I think, for even though we think he's the greatest of all time for a time to take that seed of doubt away from anyone out there, not only could I do with Bill, I can come in the midst of cove it in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, not know teammates that you could have helicopters flying around fields where I'm practicing on high school fields.

  • And I could get this done to me that solidifies him as the greatest of all time in his mind and a lucky man, because very, very, very few great athletes get to empty the tank.

  • Correct?

  • You have the right place, the right, but the injuries, everything else toe workout to allow everyone would like to empty the tank that way.

  • What else can I do?

  • Let me make a list and I'm just gonna start checking out.

  • The only Tom Brady gets to check everything.

  • You're something perfect.

  • Then Thio put a button on what you're saying.

  • So when you are 43 years old.

  • What were you doing?

  • I was going into the Hall of Fame for 3005.

  • You were going into the Hall of Fame.

  • Which one had already been retired?

  • I'll tell you this.

  • I told you earlier in the show.

  • I There's things I've learned since I was like, Why did I not keep playing?

  • Why don't I go in motion like Patrick Mahomes and in the backfield?

  • Do I would just now You could do that, but different Think different.

  • Jerry Rice and I always last week we're talking.

  • Do you think we could You know you could No, no, thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

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what impresses you the most about this whole story?

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