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  • I have time for three jeers and first year goes to Christophe Sport.

  • Zynga's trying to win an Oscar with that flop.

  • Come on.

  • Me, Ever since we gave him that fire nickname, Loki been embarrassing himself on this show.

  • Like a back bridge, like I do in yoga.

  • What?

  • What sport did he grow up watching?

  • Ah, there it is.

  • Weird.

  • All right.

  • Two jeers again for Christophe.

  • Sports ing is just casually inbounds the ball.

  • Wait a minute in his hand.

  • Wait.

  • I think you know, when you run like a deer getting out of a car, you're naturally going to be crossing the line at some point.

  • There's only so many steps tasting.

  • Yeah, court for that, dude.

  • You ever seen a deer get out of a car?

  • Actually, no, but it's cool.

  • Probably like me.

  • Okay.

  • Fabia, wait a minute.

  • Oh, this is Justin Jackson of the Thunder.

  • What past was that bra?

  • He got caught mid air.

  • Didn't know it was a pass.

  • This was a chassis.

  • Guys, this is my favorite segment of the day.

  • Guess who got some booty?

  • Tyler Junior College.

  • Did they got General Booty?

  • Literally.

  • His name is General Booty.

  • I love it.

  • The quarterback General Booty, committed to Tyler Junior College on Wednesday, just became the absolute most fire name in all of sports.

  • And that got us to thinking before General Booty what was your favorite name and olives the way.

  • Hold on.

  • Now we just give it fire way saying Fire because I just want to say we could say It's hilarious.

  • Ashley, It's okay.

  • We can say that name is keeping a straight face.

  • His name is General Booty like Booty E.

  • I could laugh my favorite name in all of sports before that was cocoa.

  • Chris one.

  • You know, I love baseball, but to like it kind of reminds me of like a cookie and chocolate like a chocolatey favor.

  • You kind of just going to go with cereal cookie Christmas?

  • Yeah, What's yours?

  • Like mine?

  • Little Jordan Humphrey, Texas.

  • Former Texas wide.

  • I believe he had a listening illegal whatever have you?

  • But he's since gone by.

  • LJ.

  • His parents literally.

  • L i l apostrophe Jordan.

  • His first government like it.

  • Just find it was the number 23.

  • He was not.

  • Unfortunately, you got that tattooed on his back.

  • Uh, mind surprisingly, you guys.

  • Well, it's in the sport of soccer from the country of Argentina.

  • His name is Walter Fabian Aspen.

  • So Walter Fabian Azman there's a goalkeeper from Argentina is pretty good with his hands and think that one can.

  • You know I'm not following that up.

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I have time for three jeers and first year goes to Christophe Sport.

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