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  • We're not young Margaret.

  • Well, we're not old.

  • Don't start what you can't finish.

  • George Blacklist is in every man.

  • He's a small town sheriff slash cattle rancher, and he's in love with his wife.

  • The relationship has had all the ups and downs, but any other marriage has had.

  • They've been married for 30 plus years, and Margaret found herself in the business of breaking horses to be rideable.

  • And that was their life.

  • It's a very humble house that they live in, and they're still supportive of each other.

  • They're still in love.

  • This woman, I'm married but can't figure, doesn't believe there's any world.

  • But this one.

  • I e still believes the horse has got a soul Somehow that stick out for me.

  • George and Margaret are new grand parents when their son has been killed and their daughter in law remarries.

  • This new young man, Donnie we boy.

  • And because of his true nature, we fear for the safety of our grandchild.

  • Hello.

  • You're the girl's mother.

  • No, Lorna was married to my son.

  • The little boy's my grandson.

  • Well, you missed him.

  • Gone.

  • Now they mentioned when they'd be back.

  • Not no time soon.

  • Be my guess.

  • Took all they have.

  • What starts off is just wanna make sure he's safe.

  • The reality is she's gonna want the child back.

  • I won't be coming back here without him.

  • The way it unfolds this story just comes out like yarn.

  • We're trying to locate a Donny we boy.

  • Where the hell are we?

  • You let it be known you're looking for a wee boy.

  • I'll find you.

  • It's pretty shocking what they find.

  • It goes into this quite dark, surreal place with the wee boy family.

  • Come with us.

  • If you kill me, him and his mother that we boys are like Dobermans on a chain with their mother way came to see our grandson.

  • My boy doesn't have to answer to you and we don't have to answer to you.

  • Oh, yeah, Margaret is not wrong about anything that she wants to dio.

  • But this situation is no longer in their hands.

  • Hit morna like, yeah, people haven't seen a movie like this in a while.

  • It stands the test of time.

  • It's a cautionary tale about forcing your will at the loss of something that you could not have calculated.

  • It's written so beautifully and so strong and shocking.

  • There's something a little bit scary about.

  • Let him go.

  • You're with me on this, right, Ra, right behind.

We're not young Margaret.

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