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  • They've been really good for a really long time, in large part because they've had back to back first ballot Hall of Fame quarterbacks over the last 30 years, but have only two championships to show for it.

  • So, Jeff, Saturday, as you listen to all of that, what did you take away from it?

  • T J.

  • Lang is dead on?

  • I mean, listen, and I get everything that Dan is saying about what the Packers have done, they're gonna change soon.

  • They're gonna give him another contract.

  • They're gonna show we're committed to you.

  • They're gonna break, you know, break what their plan was for love.

  • You know, we talked about when he drafted.

  • I was like, Look, love better love being on the bench because that's where he's gonna be Unless Aaron Rodgers gets hurt.

  • This guy is playing at an all star level.

  • He's gonna be M v P again.

  • You're looking at him.

  • I think he wants mawr.

  • Of what Tom Brady guys in Tampa.

  • Right is when you get there, you saw them bring in Gronk and Brown and guys that he wanted to play with.

  • I think that's what Aaron is looking for, right?

  • is Mawr Mawr conversations about guy he's gonna want.

  • They're gonna wanna keep around and can help them take it to the next level.

  • It's not only just about playing good, it's about playing with the guys you wanna play with.

  • Whether it's Lindsley who's up, you know, their center for a contract, you name it, go through the list of guys.

  • And I think at this point he's watching how teams have put teams together for their player for now.

  • And here's the deal.

  • If Aaron plays and they give a five year deal and they won a Super Bowl or two in those five years, you've done the right thing by the organization.

  • Whatever happens after that, you make do.

  • But I think TJ's dead on, and I think they're gonna break with the tradition of what the Packers have been in the past.

  • That's why who you look skeptical, why I just keep thinking about.

  • First of all, I like the fact that they drafted Jordan love because they could be sitting here in the same situation.

  • The Steelers in right now, trying to figure out what they future look like while trying to work cap numbers with their current quarterback, so I don't mind that.

  • And I'm Maurin Lane with drives like and and, you know, I've been on that.

  • When we when this whole draft things started, I was like, I don't see much.

  • The Green Bay Packers need.

  • Yeah, you can upgrade positions, but every team probably can upgrade positions you end up in the NFC championship.

  • But the fact is, the Green Bay Packers for two years in a row did not get it done.

  • The players did not get it done.

  • That doesn't mean they're in good.

  • This is a 13 win football team again.

  • So look, the bottom line.

  • Is this Aaron Rodgers?

  • Want security?

  • Aaron Rodgers Want more players?

  • That's it, G.

  • I'm done talking about it.

  • I ain't talking about Aaron Rodgers going anywhere.

  • I ain't talking about what the possibility of here being traded or not.

  • Wanna be in Green Bay.

  • Do what you all want to do, but I would have loved to go to back to back NFC championships.

  • I'm just saying that's fine and and maybe this is less about that than it is about the fact that Aaron Rodgers, with a team once they trade, drafted his replacement.

  • He lost a lot of control over the future of his career, and I think this is about him trying to reclaim that control.

  • I think this is about him saying to them and Dan Graziano, I'm looking at you.

  • You're not going to decide when you've had enough of me.

  • You're not gonna decide next year?

  • Well, if I don't play quite as well, we'll move on to Jordan.

  • Love, He's taking control of the narrative and saying, You want me to stay here and keep doing all of this?

  • Well, then put your money where your mouth is.

  • Long term, make a commitment to me.

  • I'll commit to you and we're all good here.

  • It may be less about less about players than it is about a player at this stage of his career taking control of his own situation.

  • Yeah, and that's I mean, that's speculative on our part, obviously.

  • And on T.

  • J.

  • Lang is, But we know because of his public comments that that's how Aaron Rodgers reacted to the drafting of Jordan love.

  • Oh, I wanted to spend my whole career here, and now I may not be able to do that, and it's not in my control.

  • So, yeah, he could seek to get more guaranteed money on the contract, but I go back to a point I made last week.

  • He's Aaron Rodgers.

  • When you do the deal, get the guarantees that don't come to me two years later and asking for guarantees like I'm Aaron Rodgers.

  • If you don't guarantee me the money, I'm not gonna sign.

  • What would the Packers have done if he had taken that stance?

  • These guys need to think about that when they do the deal, not two years later.

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They've been really good for a really long time, in large part because they've had back to back first ballot Hall of Fame quarterbacks over the last 30 years, but have only two championships to show for it.

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